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From the CEO
February 25, 2021

Dear Members:

What does it really mean to be innovative? If you dig into the definition of “innovation,” you’ll discover that being innovative refers not only to something new but also to making a change to an existing product or idea. I find this explanation interesting because it directly relates to a podcast I recently listened to titled “Elon Musk on the State of Innovation in America,” which aired on the Wall Street Journal’s Tech News Briefing. The conversation emphasized that companies don’t necessarily have to propose breakthrough innovations; the important thing is to “just make your product as awesome as you can make it.” And the best way to make your product as “awesome” as possible is to get insight from customers – both positive and negative feedback – on how to make that product better.

The comments about getting feedback and building well-loved products resonated with me because Corporate One is highly focused right now on gaining member insight and making enhancements to some of our existing products that help solve their needs. Last month, I mentioned that Corporate One has many exciting initiatives underway, and one of those initiatives is the upcoming rollout of a new and enhanced Member$MART, our web-based account management system. These enhancements are being led by our Member Digital Experience (MDE) department. MDE regularly works with members and solicits their feedback to understand their overall goals and challenges and how they use our products. Over the past year, MDE has been working directly with our members to understand how Member$MART is currently used. Usability testing, which is a popular and effective user-experience research methodology for testing how easy or difficult it is for users to perform key tasks, was conducted with 11 members.

Based on their feedback, MDE uncovered several opportunities to improve Member$MART’s design and usability. As a result, one of the biggest enhancements to Member$MART will include the merging of our Investment and Funding dashboard within Member$MART to create a unique product where members can diversify their investment and funding portfolios while also managing their Corporate One accounts.

We’re looking forward to rolling out the innovations to “Member$MART+” and providing our members with a premier cash and treasury management tool that provides a single, unified experience for members to manage their money.

Melissa Ashley