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7 reasons to plug into SimpliCD’s new online-trading platform

By Jeff Duesler, Senior Investment Services Representative

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Beginning in February, our members that use SimpliCD will be able to access Primary Financial Company’s new SimpliCD online-trading platform. This platform will enable easy, convenient access to trading and investment research at the credit union level. We are also excited that in addition to originally introducing the national credit union network to SimpliCD, we will be the first corporate credit union to offer SimpliCD’s new solution!

The new online platform offers at least seven benefits to your credit union and its users, including, but not limited to, a streamlined trading process and customized data based on your credit union’s investment portfolio. Check out more details of these benefits below:

  • Get an up-to-the-minute look at offerings currently available to your credit union’s portfolio. This real-time data allows you to cut through all the “clutter” of rates not available to your institution.
  • See upcoming maturities in one centralized place. Plan out your reinvesting for the coming days, weeks, and months.
  • Stay connected. Connect with your Corporate One investment representative via a messaging system that allows representatives to send updates about available new issuers, new rates above the market, or issuers that haven’t been in the market for a while. The messaging feature saves you time and space in your email inbox.
  • Request trades with one click. The trade will be picked up by your investment representative and Primary Financial and executed.
  • Manage future settlements in one spot. An order-summary area is located on the dashboard, allowing each credit union to account for upcoming trade settlements in real time.
  • Receive real-time availability of trade confirmations. There’s no need to wait for an email confirmation or to pull up confirmations in Member$mart. You can also pull up confirmations and statements from other time periods.
  • Use intuitive calculators. A built-in calculator quickly computes interest, maturity dates, rates, and terms.

All of these great benefits are managed with a robust dashboard that quickly identifies each function and highlights your credit union’s unique situation.

It’s still personal.

Rest assured that SimpliCD’s online platform does not replace your direct relationship with your current Corporate One investment representative; your investment representative will still be available to assist you either in person or over the phone. Enrollment to use SimpliCD’s new online platform is voluntary and is simply meant to enhance your current trading process, making it easier for you to transact the business you’re already conducting through Corporate One.

Set-up and training

SimpliCD’s online platform will be single sign-on (SSO) via Members Only. This means once your credit union’s authorized users sign into Members Only (Corporate One’s member account portal) using their

multi-factor authentication credentials, they will be able to access the SimpliCD platform without logging in to an additional system.

To authorize user access to Members Only/SimpliCD, you may create new Members Only profiles and/or modify an existing user’s profile. For more information on this process, please contact your senior investment services representative.

Corporate One is truly pleased to offer our members an online-trading platform through SimpliCD. Stay tuned for training materials and resources to help your users begin accessing the new platform. Should you have any questions about the upcoming launch, please contact your senior investment representative at 800/366-2677.