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Lee Butke Dear Members:

With the summer heat fully upon us, I thought this would be a good time to share some Corporate One “hot” happenings with you. We’re busy this fall, and in addition to attending 12 credit union conventions through November, we’re coming soon to a city near you with some outstanding member engagement events. I’m really excited about the opportunities to engage with you and chat about what’s going on at your credit unions. READ MORE +

 Feature Article
Loan-to-share growth trends and your liquidity options

Perry Jones By Perry Jones, VP, Portfolio Manager

In the big picture, credit unions across the country continue to increase their loan-to-share ratios. For the most part, this pace of growth has been measured as credit unions seek to increase yield by rotating out of lower-yielding investments into higher-yielding loans. READ MORE +
 Product News
Making cash management easy: A review of our solutions, including the latest market commentary

Bob Post By Bob Post, SVP, Chief Investment Officer

Expanding and strengthening your credit union with our cash-management solutions is an ongoing priority for Corporate One. READ MORE +

The threat of complacency: Stop cashier check fraud now!

Jennifer Morrison By Jennifer Morrison, VP, Senior Risk Manager

Small financial institutions, including credit unions, are prime targets for financial crime! Criminals believe that smaller financial institutions have insufficient staff and sophistication to identify financial crime. Don’t be a target! READ MORE +

Preparing for Same Day ACH Phase 1:
Receiving multiple files now
An interview with Kathy Himes, AAP, Manager of ACH Services

Phase 1 of Same Day ACH is within sight, and Corporate One is busy preparing our members on ACH Services to successfully make it through this first transition, which goes into effect on September 23.
September 23
 Digital Digest
More Than a Game: Three Tips for
Analyzing the ROI of Mobility
By Keith Riddle, SVP, Chief Product Management Officer

How are Pikachu, Charmander and Squirtle related to your credit union? The recent Pokémon Go game-app craze exemplifies the power of the mobile experience.
Digital Digest
 Industry News
Last minute reminders: Same Day ACH Phase 1

By Jen Kirk, EPCOR’s VP, Industry & Government Relations

I’m sure you have heard about Same Day ACH at this point, but are you ready for the September 23, 2016, implementation deadline? As a reminder, here are key facts you need to know to help you prepare for Same Day ACH. READ MORE +

Enhance your card services: The value of Visa’s new transaction alerts

As part of our ongoing effort to keep you informed and up-to-date on important topics trending in our industry, we’d like you to be aware of Visa’s upcoming mandatory rule. READ MORE +

Complimentary Same Day ACH quick reference guide and more resources from EPCOR

As the implementation date for Same Day ACH processing rapidly approaches, the following resources from EPCOR should prove helpful to your credit union. READ MORE +

Tips to help pay down student loans

By the Ohio Credit Union League

As college graduates gear up for the next stage in their life, they are filled with both excitement and anxiety. As soon as they receive their diploma, they are handed a bill for their immense college debt. READ MORE +

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The June 23 decision by U.K. citizens to exit the European Union adds another layer of uncertainty to the global economic landscape. Like any unexpected event, the surprising vote in favor of Brexit sent shockwaves through the financial markets for a few days. But fears of the apocalypse quickly subsided as investors realized that this was not a Lehman Brothers moment that would derail the U.S. recovery, much less bring on a global financial crisis. Still, with Europe already coping with weak growth, policy makers overseas will have to work even harder to keep the region from falling into a recession. At the very least, the process by which Britain decouples itself from the E.U. may be messy with myriad unanticipated consequences. + READ MORE
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