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Announcing our new robo-advising investment solution: EasyVest

As the financial industry continues to evolve, forging strategic partnerships is a crucial component of Corporate One’s ongoing mission to provide value to our member credit unions. We are excited to announce our new partnership and exclusive corporate credit union agreement with Access Softek, Inc. to offer EasyVest.

EasyVest is a robo-advisor investment solution that seamlessly integrates with credit unions’ online and mobile banking platforms and offers convenient, easy entry into investing for a credit union’s members. In addition to being the first robo-advisor tool that is native to credit union mobile banking apps, EasyVest complements and grows existing wealth-management programs and will help elevate the perception of your credit union as a full-service, modern financial institution through a solution that represents millions of people who are seeking an easy, low-cost way to invest.

Why EasyVest?

The rise in recent years of “robo-advising,” which is an automated, digital financial planning platform that provides the services of a personal banker, has created tremendous opportunities for credit unions to serve and attract new members, such as those who prefer digital options and those who cannot afford to or want to work with human investment advisors.

Though the multi-trillion-dollar investment market is currently dominated mostly by larger financial institutions, investment firms, and fintechs, EasyVest provides credit unions a tool to compete with national banks and fintechs by offering a new way to attract and retain members and provide a fully compliant, no-investment-risk revenue stream.