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Lee Butke Getting ready: Faster payments, mobility and your credit union

Dear Members:

The weather isn’t the only thing that’s heating up these days. Faster payments and mobility are trends in our industry that are hotter than ever right now as the payments landscape continues to change at lightning speed and the first phase of the new Same Day ACH rule goes into effect this fall. READ MORE +

 Feature Article
Scams and hot topics in money laundering

Jennifer Morrison By Jennifer Morrison, VP, Senior Risk Manager

This month, I’d like to share a couple of topical scams and money laundering themes you might pass along to your credit union team. Some of the following will be familiar while some of these topics, schemes and scams may be new to you and your team. READ MORE +
 Product News
New on-demand webinar! BSA/AML for volunteers: A Director's Responsibility

We hope you’ll check out the latest on-demand webinar addition to our Training Certification Program: BSA/AML for volunteers: A Director’s Responsibility.

Corporate One IP addresses are changing

Corporate One will be upgrading our data service connections and servers in August. As a result of these upgrades, there will be changes to specific IP addresses and URLs used by our members to access certain services. READ MORE + Attention
 Digital Digest
The Need for Speed: Evaluating the operational and financial impacts of faster payments

By Keith Riddle, SVP, Chief Product Management Officer

Financial institutions are “feeling the need, the need for speed.” With this month’s 30th anniversary of the movie “Top Gun,” this well-known quote also applies to the current global race for constant availability of real-time payments.
Digital Digest
 Patty's Corner
Never too busy to learn. Or to become an amateur plumber.

By Patty Matthews, Corporate Trainer

Fun fact about me: I have become an amateur plumber. Recently, I learned how to adjust the hot water on my shower by removing the handle and adjusting the threads. I told myself to learn it, and I did. Thank you, YouTube.
Pattys Corner
 Industry News
Tips to Protect Yourself from Identity Fraud

From the Ohio Credit Union League

Nearly half of Ohio consumers surveyed in the Ohio Credit Union League’s consumer survey have been the victim of identity fraud.

Visit us at the 2016 Southeastern Credit Union Management Association (SCUMA) Conference

Once again this year, we will be attending the 48th Annual SCUMA Conference on August 24-26 at the SanDestin Hilton in Florida. SCUMA was created exclusively for credit union professionals, and even though its name sounds region-specific, everyone is welcome to attend the annual conference. READ MORE +

Happy Fourth of July!

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Policy makers have long grappled with the puzzles and contradictions that are constantly present in the economic landscape. These head-scratchers are what make the study of economics more an art than a science. Yet the Federal Reserve, not to mention investors, must try to make sense out of chaos in order to make appropriate decisions. Needless to say, the murkier the data, the more difficult is the challenge – and the greater the odds of making mistakes. Take the current situation. Economic growth is clearly picking up from the tepid pace of the first quarter. Yet, the pick-up is not instilling much confidence in the outlook. Indeed, the Fed once again decided against raising interest rates at the June 14-15 policy meeting, believing the economy is not ready to absorb a second rate hike. + READ MORE
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