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From the CEO
June 30, 2020

Dear Members:

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Every year, Corporate One identifies various strategies that define our priorities and goals. These are major areas of focus to help us achieve our ongoing mission and vision as we design and deliver solutions that best meet our members’ needs and help them succeed. One of these strategies for 2020 centers on something we call “enhancing capabilities.” These are enterprise-wide strategies focused on modernizing our systems and abilities so we can operate efficiently, serve our members effectively, and continue to improve the overall management of your corporate partner as industry and market forces evolve digitally.

To that end, I’m excited to announce the rollout of MyCorp1 Manager, Corporate One’s new online user-management hub. With MyCorp1 Manager, institutions can easily update profile information, maintain organizational details, and manage user authorities and permissions related to the Corporate One solutions each organization uses. We are excited to introduce this new resource to our members as a more convenient way to do business with Corporate One, especially during these unprecedented times when organizations may need options to manage their information and users from remote workplaces.

Starting mid-July and continuing through October, we will be welcoming members to join MyCorp1 Manager in phases. We’ll include training, complete information on how your credit union’s information and users are being added to the system, and how your organization can quickly get started using MyCorp1 Manager.

I encourage you to learn more in our overview video and brochure. MyCorp1 Manager is the first of many new and enhanced digital experiences we hope to extend to our members in the coming year. We look forward to offering this enhanced resource to you.

Melissa Ashley