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Sherpa Technologies partners with CUSO Prodigy to integrate ID-Pal

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We’re excited to announce that Sherpa Technologies has secured a digital services partnership with the CUSO Prodigy, a core processor and digital experience provider for nearly 30 credit union clients. Sherpa and Prodigy will integrate the ID-Pal digital identity and document verification solution into their core-processing platform and digital lending experience and also provide an option for credit unions to leverage an integration with their eSignature solution.

“We are excited about growing our partnerships within the credit union industry and helping credit unions take advantage of state-of-the-art, digital identity and document verification technology,” said Sherpa’s CEO and President, Keith Riddle. “As fraud continues to increase, it’s more important than ever for financial institutions to incorporate advanced, yet seamless, digital identity and document verification solutions into their digital services portfolio to strengthen and protect their members’ identities and safeguard their institutions.”

Prodigy will use ID-Pal to fulfill needed identity and document verification within its digital lending experience, Wunderlender, and as noted above, within its e-signature solution powered by eDOC Innovations. Further, integration into Prodigy’s core-processing platform will make it easy for their respective credit union clients to take advantage of ID-Pal for stand-alone use cases such as digital account opening or call center engagement. Sherpa’s partnership enables Prodigy to contract directly with the credit unions for ease of adoption and streamlined deployment.

“As a CUSO, we owe it to our credit unions to find opportunities that will give them advantages in their highly competitive markets. We’re excited about these new opportunities to integrate IDPal within our existing solutions to do just that,” said Amber Harsin, CEO of Prodigy. “Our goal is to enable credit unions of all sizes to accomplish their strategic service objectives and offer safe and efficient experiences for the digital members.”