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From the CEO
March 31, 2020

Dear Members:

During these unprecedented times, Corporate One takes seriously its ability to support our members as we navigate the uncertain waters of COVID-19 together. We have long followed a strategy of maintaining a strong balance sheet with a strong capital position to ensure that we are ready to support our members even in times of crisis. We continue to have access to diversified funding sources, we have robust resiliency plans in place, and we are committed to the uninterrupted delivery of payment and liquidity services to our members. In addition, we have significant cash and stand ready and willing to lend to any member credit union experiencing strains in liquidity. We have structured attractive short-term loan specials to help you navigate during these turbulent times.

A couple of weeks ago, we activated a key component of our Pandemic Plan. The majority of our staff are now working remotely, and we continue to successfully serve our members without any current or anticipated disruption in services. We know many of you are working hard to do the same for your respective members.

I encourage you to visit our pandemic response webpage for regular updates on how Corporate One is responding, including market changes, so that you can be aware of how and what we are doing every step of the way. Most importantly, we want you to remain confident in us as your corporate partner and know we are here to help should you find your credit union facing any sort of challenge. As always, you may reach our Member Experience Team at 866/MyCorp1, or you can contact me directly at 614/825-9300 or at

We are here to help and support you as we work through this crisis together.

Melissa Ashley