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Key member issues addressed: Q&A with one of our experts

By Steve Wildes, AAP, AVP, Member Experience

As our member credit unions continue working hard (and most of them from home) to successfully serve their own members without any disruption in services, this article focuses on the top questions/requests we have received from our members lately, along with some helpful answers and tips. We ask that you are mindful of the following best practices that will help us continue to provide smooth and efficient operations not only for you but also for your members.


Topic 1: Vault services

Are there any reported issues of cash shortages?

Corporate One is closely monitoring credit union coin and currency needs. There are no current reported issues of cash shortages. We are actively working with our currency provider to ensure that additional currency will be available throughout our serviced territories should the need arise. Each of our vault sites has a backup location, and staff can be moved between sites as necessary. If required, temporary staff will be hired, and additional equipment will be provided to support the demand.

What should I do if my credit union anticipates an increase in cash orders for more than two weeks?

To the extent possible, please provide advance notice to Corporate One of any anticipated increase in currency requests. You can complete the “Vault Order Limit” form found in Members Only/Member Resource Center/Vault Services. It will be less paperwork than completing multiple, one-time “Over Limit Order Requests.”

Is it important to recycle my coin/currency?

Recycling coin and currency to the degree possible will help prevent cross shipping with the vault locations (i.e. one branch depositing excess cash while another branch requests cash from vault).

How often should I communicate with my courier?

A significant increase in requests may require couriers to increase security and add staffing. Make sure you have good communications with the armored courier providing your credit union service. If increasing the frequency of courier runs, ensure clear communication with your armored carrier to ensure capacity is available to accommodate schedule changes.

What is Corporate One doing to meet currency requirements?

Please be assured that Corporate One is closely monitoring cash-ordering patterns and will take appropriate actions to provide services to meet credit union currency requirements. We continue to monitor updates from the WHO and the CDC to ensure we are kept abreast of the events that may impact our ability to provide products and services during this time.

Topic 2: ACH/Wire users working from home

Why can’t I see the links for ACH/Wires on my Members Only home page?

If users of our ACH Services, OneWire Domestic and/or International Wires are working from home or from a different location than usual and notice links for ACH and/or Wires are not available on their Members Only home page, there is no need to panic. To access these applications, users must either connect to their organization’s network through a VPN connection, or they can contact Corporate One's Member Experience team to request the temporary deactivation of IP Lockdown that may be applicable to their organization or to add the current internet connection to the list of approved IP addresses. Any user experiencing issues can call Member Experience at 866/MyCorp1, Option 1, or send an email to for assistance.

Topic 3: Updating wire authorities

How do I update my credit union’s wire authorities during this time?

Corporate One will assist member credit unions with updating their wire authorities on file by working with Authorized Signers, who we understand may also be working from remote locations.

Topic 4: Corporate One’s Contingency Services Guide

Where can I find this guide if I want to review it or print out a copy for reference?

Corporate One’s Contingency Services Guide, which outlines ways we can ensure continuity of certain services in the event your organization is experiencing any challenges or disruption, is available through Members Only, our online member portal, or by contacting our Member Experience Team at 866/MyCorp1.

Be assured that we stand ready to help and support you as you work through current challenges. We remain well positioned to provide consistent, critical service levels to our members as we work together to deal with the impacts of this virus. Any member experiencing issues can call our Member Experience team at 866/MyCorp1, Option 1, or send an email to for assistance.