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Lee Butke Dear Members:

It's no secret we are in the digital age. Whether it is via a smartphone, tablet or computer, your members are plugged in and online. This means if you’re looking to grow your membership, you’ll want to provide answers that meet their expectations and deliver digital financial solutions that make it easy for them to do business with you. READ MORE +

 Feature Article
Will Same Day ACH affect me? Setting the record straight on Same Day ACH

By: Jen Kirk, AAP, EPCOR’s Director of Industry Relations

Now that NACHA’s Same Day ACH rules have passed, and the Federal Reserve has announced its support for NACHA’s Same Day ACH rules, rumors are flying about who does and doesn’t have to comply with Same Day ACH. If you’re wondering whether or not Same Day ACH will affect you, the short answer is yes. READ MORE +
 Product News

“Playing defense as an investment strategy:” Download our new white paper

Have you considered “playing defense” as an investment strategy? In this article by Senior Investments Services Representative Jeff Duesler, learn how legendary football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant’s famous quote “offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships” applies to investing in floating-rate securities, which are often overlooked investment vehicles but are still excellent tools to improve the strength of your portfolio. READ MORE +

Important changes about Corporate One’s role as CLF correspondent

We are excited to announce that Corporate One’s board of directors has approved policy allowing us to serve all credit unions that are direct members of the Central Liquidity Facility (CLF). READ MORE +

Join us for a complimentary webinar on
December 2: Member Acquisition Strategies

December 2 Learn how to strategically leverage digital technologies to acquire new members. Corporate One has partnered with Gro Solutions, a leading provider of digital growth solutions for banks and credit unions, to offer a digital account opening solution. READ MORE +

BSA/AML hot topics: Marijuana laws and suspicious activity reporting

Jennifer Morrison By: Jennifer Morrison, VP, Senior Risk Manager

In October 2015, I wrote on the potential impact of November’s Issue 3 ballot initiative in Ohio. Issue 3 failed in November. Ohio voters did not support both recreational and medical marijuana sales and use. However, the marijuana issue is not dead in Ohio. READ MORE +

Disaster recovery exercise December 5, 2015

Corporate One will be conducting a disaster recovery exercise on its Florida data center on Saturday, December 5. Operations are expected to function normally that day, but there will be intermittent outages or delayed access to all Members Only applications and home banking throughout the day as we failover and failback between our data centers for the exercise. READ MORE +

 For Small Credit Unions

NACHA offers answers to frequently asked questions about Same Day ACHs

For Small CU It’s time to ask yourself if you are getting prepared for the impending changes to same-day processing. We want you to know that as your corporate partner we are here to help you navigate these changes. READ MORE +

 Patty's Corner

The gift that keeps on giving: Our Training Certification Program

Since there’s only three more Saturdays until Christmas, I thought you’d enjoy a little Corporate One twist on a traditional holiday song to encourage you to gift yourself with free training this holiday season. READ MORE +

 Industry News

“FASB Answers the Million-Dollar Question: What Is the Effective Date for Credit Losses (CECL)?”

Melissa Ashley By: Melissa Ashley, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

During our Member Connect Summits, which took place October 20-22, we highlighted the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) project to overhaul the guidance for credit losses using the current expected credit loss (CECL) model. READ MORE +

Holiday cash ordering reminder

Due to both the Federal Reserve and Corporate One being closed in observance of Christmas Day on Friday, December 25, 2015, and New Year’s Day on Friday, January 1, 2016, you may need to change your cash ordering process. READ MORE +


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December 2015
With the snapback in job growth and the surprising jump in hourly earnings in October, the path seems to be cleared for the Federal Reserve to finally raise interest rates for the first time since 2006. Indeed, within a blink of an eye following the Labor Department’s release of the jobs report, a number of Fed officials issued public statements supporting a rate hike, albeit a few dissenters held firm to a stand-pat position. The financial markets, in turn, quickly adapted to this growing sentiment, driving up yields on Treasury and other securities and sending the dollar higher.

Odds are, the liftoff date will finally arrive at the December 15- 16 policy-setting meeting unless some unexpected shock intervenes. The Fed has been preparing the markets for a rate hike since the spring; after repeatedly holding back at subsequent meetings, failure to act this time without a good reason would put its credibility at risk. That said, nothing is ever set in stone when it comes to policy decisions, particularly one that has been the center of controversy for so long. As noted, some Fed officials are still adamantly opposed to a rate increase, fearing that the risk to the economy of a premature move far outweighs the risk of waiting too long. + READ MORE
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