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Lee Butke Dear Members:

Over one year ago, we sought out a new and more suitable ACH platform for our membership in response to member feedback, changes to our industry as a result of faster payments and the growth opportunity for credit unions in serving business originators. And, we found that platform in LendingTools. READ MORE +
 Feature Article
EverFi’s Steve Rice discusses building your brand, reaching the next generation with digital financial education

A featured speaker at this year’s Member Connect Summits, Executive Vice President Steve Rice of EverFi (a leading education technology company) discussed how important it is for credit unions to build their brands and reach the next generation. READ MORE +
 Product News
FinCEN Advisory on cybercrime, new definitions of MRBs as medical marijuana laws expand

Jennifer Morrison By Jennifer Morrison, VP, Senior Risk Manager

On October 25, 2016, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) issued Advisory 2016-A005, directing all financial institutions to more frequently and thoroughly investigate, report, and exchange data on cyberattacks against them. READ MORE +

Disaster recovery/business continuity exercises coming December 10

Corporate One will be conducting an internal disaster recovery (DR) exercise over the weekend of December 10-11, 2016. READ MORE +

Prepare for rising interest rates with our new investment strategies webinar

Titled “Introduction to Floating-Rate Securities,” this webinar discusses the floating-rate options available to your credit union and the benefits and risks of investing in these securities. READ MORE +

Get free, incoming wire notification emails from OneWire Domestic

We’re happy to announce new functionality within OneWire Domestic that will allow your credit union’s wire users to receive free, automatic notification emails each time an incoming wire is received. READ MORE +
 Industry News
Reminder: The importance of ACH audits and risk assessments

Earlier this year, we featured an article by EPCOR’s Jennifer Kline, AAP, on this very topic, emphasizing the importance of conducting ACH audits and risk assessments. As we are now well into the fourth quarter, we hope this brief reminder will assist you as you make your end-of-year plans. READ MORE +

Reminder: Convenient investment options to support the NCUF and your state/regional foundation

Keep these options in mind as you're doing your 2017 planning/budgeting. READ MORE +
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With the elections behind us, the ex ante uncertainty (who will win) has been resolved. Now, the ex post uncertainty (what will the President-elect do) takes center stage. The first phase towards resolution will unfold over the next several weeks, as Mr. Trump fills out key cabinet positions and other important slots in his administration. READ MORE +
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Corporate One will be closed on Monday, December 26, 2016.