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Enhancing our digital cash-management experience: Investment & Funding Dashboard

Based on our members’ ongoing feedback, Corporate One continues to provide enhancements to the Investment & Funding Dashboard, a digital experience that helps members more easily understand and manage their cash at Corporate One. The dashboard allows members to view a consolidated summary of their credit union’s Corporate One balances, including deposits, SimpliCD and Safekeeping holdings, and loan balances in a convenient format.

Recently, we’ve added several new enhancements to the dashboard, including a section featuring our rates and rate specials (see below):

Additional dashboard enhancements include the following:

  • Prominent balance for The One Account (including if it’s negative) and maturing item notifications
  • Messaging pop-up window to contact your senior investment services representative
  • "Walk-through" tutorial which appears when the Dashboard is accessed for the very first time

Improving the dashboard experience: Member participation requested

As we provide further dashboard enhancements, we continue to gain insights from our members through ongoing research studies. These studies help us learn how to provide a more streamlined and intuitive experience. If you’re a member of Corporate One with dashboard access and would like to learn how to participate in one of these research studies, please contact our Member Digital Experience team at

How to access the dashboard

The dashboard is available to all Corporate One members with Member$MART authority to access Member$MART online, Account Inquiry and e-Reports. This authority can be extended to additional personnel at your credit union by completing pages on the User Authorization Form. Please contact Member Experience at 866/MyCorp1 with any questions or your senior investment services representative.