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New on-demand webinar: “Real-time payments: Developing a payments transformation strategy”

Real-time payments: Developing a payments transformation strategy

Is your credit union attempting to understand the comprehensive changes occurring within the payments arena? The largest financial institutions in the U.S. have integrated real-time payments by connecting to The Clearing House (TCH) RTP network, and many are beginning to extend the RTP functionality into retail and commercial banking use cases. Fintech providers have obtained access to the TCH RTP Network through the early adopter financial institutions, resulting in enhancements to their streamlined money movement experiences. The Fed has announced a plan to develop a real-time payments network and framework called FedNow, which is projected to become available in four to five years.

If you are seeking guidance on the development of a holistic payments transformation strategy that includes real-time payments, you’re invited to watch a brand-new on-demand webinar hosted by Keith Riddle, president and CEO of Sherpa Technologies, and Greg Lloyd, senior director, Financial Services & Payments, of Levvel, LLC. Their informative discussion about the evolving payments environment includes the following topics:

  • Use cases for real-time payments
  • Operational considerations
  • Critical components of a payment transformation strategy