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Making every day a celebration of the
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Lee Butke Dear Members:

If you’re an avid consumer of the news, you’re probably well aware of the stories that report incidents where financial institutions occasionally do not act in the best interests of their members. READ MORE +
 Feature Article
Director of Awesomeness Laura Eblen discusses all things mobile at Member Connect Summits

A featured speaker at our recent Member Connect Summits in Cleveland and Cincinnati, Laura Eblen is Mazuma Credit Union’s self-proclaimed director of awesomeness. That’s a pretty unique title for someone working in the financial industry, but Eblen felt her history of commitment to and involvement in the success of credit unions warranted such a unique designation. READ MORE + Laura Eblen
 Product News
De-risking: A primer on one of the hottest topics in the BSA/AML industry

By Naomi Glass, BSA/AML/OFAC Compliance Manager

Naomi Glass Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) 15th Annual AML & Financial Crimes Conference in Las Vegas with over 2,500 other attendees. READ MORE +

Photo galleries: CUs on Tap in Florida

CUs on Tap in Florida CUs on Tap in Florida
CUs on Tap in Florida

CUs on Tap in Florida

Reminder: Same Day ACH balancing update

As a reminder, the Fed issued a Same-Day Balancing update earlier this month in response to balancing issues financial institutions were having as a result of Same Day ACH Phase 1. Future-dated items have been removed from the noon file, which means the only time financial institutions will receive a noon file is if they have Same Day transactions. No changes were made to the 4:00 p.m. file.

Learn more about the Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan® program

As fall is prime student-loan season for many college students and their parents, Corporate One and Sallie Mae are teaming up to provide two “live” webinar sessions to help credit unions learn more about the Smart Option Student Loan® program. READ MORE +

Save the date for Accolade’s 3rd Annual Users’ Conference

Accolade primary mission is to help credit unions with varying balance sheet complexities optimize their financial performance while mitigating and managing any associated risks. READ MORE +
 Industry News
Bank Transfer Day

Giving back: Miracle Challenge 2016

Corporate One was excited and proud to participate in Miracle Challenge 2016, a 27-day wellness program that encouraged participants to achieve fitness goals while raising funds for our local children's miracle network hospital. READ MORE +

The value of unique passwords: Because it’s cybersecurity awareness month

By Dan Seas, Information Security Engineer

As unfortunate as it was, the recent Yahoo! breach came in time to remind us of the importance of unique passwords. And, since it’s cybersecurity awareness month, let’s take a minute to explain why. No, it’s not because we want to see how many passwords you can remember; it’s because we all want to avoid identity theft/fraud. READ MORE +


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As the old adage goes, there are two sides to everything. When it comes to today’s economy, that sentiment could not be more evident. For the sake of simplicity, the two sides can be divided into those who believe that the glass is half full and those who see it at half empty. At the moment, very few believe that the economy’s glass has run dry or that it is overflowing. But a slight difference from the midpoint matters. A half- full perception would spur the Fed to raise interest sooner rather than later, encourage companies to step up hiring, and consumers to keep their wallets open. Conversely, a half-empty perception would likely produce an alternate scenario. The Fed would be more inclined to keep rates at their rock-bottom levels, businesses in a lock-down mode and consumers to pull back on spending while saving more for a rainy day. So which is the more prevalent view at the present time? Within the Federal Reserve, the half-empty crowd still dominates, but sentiment is steadily shifting to the half-full position. At its September policy meeting, a relatively slim majority of Fed officials voted to keep the benchmark short-term rate unchanged for a while longer, fearing the economy is not ready to absorb an increase. Still, three out of the 10 voting members – an unusually large number of dissenters – wanted to pull the rate trigger immediately. This halffull group should gain more adherents before the end of the year if the economy stays on its improving path. READ MORE +
 Upcoming Events
  11/15/2016   Live Webinar
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