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From the CEO
October 31, 2017

As members of Corporate One, you know that focusing on the innovation and development of digital solutions that puts the latest technology in member experience into your hands is one of our biggest strategic initiatives. I’m both delighted and excited to announce some updates to Corporate One’s suite of digital solutions. We are reintroducing our new and improved Gro Account Opening solution, and we’re also planning to unveil a brand-new digital payments solution very soon. If you’re thinking about doing anything new or different in the arena of mobile banking, stay tuned for more details.

Corporate One
Digital Solutions

But first, let’s talk about Gro. Over the last two years, Corporate One has been developing and enhancing Gro Account Opening based on member usage and feedback. This valuable input has helped to guide our most recent improvements, making this solution the best it can possibly be for our members. Improvements to Gro, which is already a turnkey and easy-to use application, include:

  • A new account-application workflow that provides a smooth mobile shopping experience
  • A multi-channel experience that works on any desktop or mobile device
  • Courtesy pay options for members
  • Scaled models to fit your credit union’s functionality and budget preferences

And, of course, Gro Account Opening still offers integration with ClickSWITCH, our convenient, automatic account switching solution that securely switches automated debits and credits, including direct deposits and government payments.

In addition to Gro and ClickSWITCH, we began offering a way for our members to revolutionize the overall mortgage experience through an automated, mortgage transaction technology provider, Roostify. I was delighted when we started offering Roostify, because Roostify makes the mortgage experience more transparent, efficient and collaborative for everyone involved, including the loan officer, borrower, real estate agents and other relevant parties. Credit unions can eliminate days from the traditional mortgage process with this platform by reducing manual processes and communications. You can see more details and get more information about Roostify by visiting our webpage.

Our partnerships with Gro, ClickSWITCH, and Roostify align perfectly with our strategy to help credit unions succeed in the digital financial marketplace. And that’s why I’m even more thrilled to tell you that very soon we will be revealing our brand-new digital payments solution. Tune in to our Quarterly Fintech Update webinar on November 15, and you’ll get a sneak peek at what’s coming.

Lee C. Butke