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Enhancements to SimpliCD Online, plus reasons to invest in SimpliCD right now

By Jeff Duesler, Senior Investment Services Representative

If you haven’t yet checked out SimpliCD Online, now is the time. Several enhancements have been made recently to this online trading platform, which already offers easy, convenient access to trading and investment research, streamlines the trading process, and customizes data based on your credit union’s investment portfolio. Here’s a brief look at some of the newest features at your fingertips:

New dashboard enhancements

The dashboard has now been customized specifically to your institution/portfolio and features a snapshot of your credit union’s purchases, maturities, and current portfolio size. You can also shop for rates and view/pull statements directly from the home page.

  • You can also easily select rollover options using the same term best rate option for upcoming maturities.
  • Also accessible from the home page within Reports is a maturity-ladder graph available for download.
  • In the Investments tab, you can view, find, sort, and export your current portfolio.
  • Also new to the dashboard is a summary of the top available rates per term. Just click to purchase.

Enhanced intuitive calculators

With the upgraded calculators, you can now compare issues using different rates and have a day-count calendar at your fingertips.

Push notifications

Enabling push notifications means you can get alerts about new issuers/rates. Easily toggle through enabling and disabling this feature at any time.

Why SimpliCD?

Even with all these new enhancements along with the ease and convenience of SimpliCD Online, you might still be wondering if you should really be spending your time investing in CDs. Check out four reasons why SimpliCD as an investment solution currently trumps your other options. Download now

Getting started with SimpliCD Online

SimpliCD Online is single sign-on via Members Only, Corporate One’s online member portal. This means once your credit union’s authorized users sign into Members Only they will be able to access the SimpliCD platform without logging in to an additional system. For more information on this process and to access our training materials, please contact your senior investment services representative at 800/366-2677.

SimpliCD Online “saves time and effort”

“One of the benefits of the online SimpliCD program is that it is self-directed, which is extremely important with us being located in a different time zone. I can easily see what is available, make my own customized selections for terms, and then make the purchase without having to connect directly with investment staff either via email or phone. The confirms are easily and immediately downloadable and saved into our internal files which saves time and effort.”

Renee Nelson, Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer, First Community Credit Union