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From the CEO
October 29, 2020

Membership Survey 2020

Your feedback is a key component in Corporate One’s commitment to providing quality service, products, and value to our member owners, and we encourage our member CEOs to take this opportunity to tell us what we are doing well, where we can improve, and how we can make our partnership with your organization more rewarding than it is today.

Dear Members:

As part of the cooperative movement, the passion and desire to know you, our members, and to help you succeed is in our DNA, and knowing our members is key to us remaining a valuable corporate partner. Further, as a financial cooperative in today’s evolving digital marketplace, we understand how such feedback is essential to offering you the solutions you need to grow, to drive efficiencies, and to continue serving your own members successfully in a competitive environment. This month, Corporate One kicked-off our annual membership survey, which was sent to member CEOs, and it got me thinking about how our member feedback efforts have inspired improvements over the years.

Ways we gather feedback

Since we began the formal process of gathering feedback through our annual survey six years ago, we’ve received insightful feedback that has driven our efforts to be the best corporate partner we can be. In fact, the learnings we’ve gathered over the years from our survey have motivated us to seek out other ways to hear from and engage with you. In addition to our annual membership survey, we gather feedback from our members through one-on-one interviews, in conversations with our Member Success Consultants and Member Experience Team, through our ACH Advisory Council, member testing of new solutions, and via our CUSO Sherpa Technologies’ Innovation Council, which is a collaborative partnership with 23 credit unions across the country. I truly believe that knowing you, understanding your needs and challenges, and making it easy for you to do business with us is the recipe for success.

What we know, what we’ve done, and what we’re doing

Over the past six years, we have learned how to strengthen our organization in meaningful, specific ways. Our NPS has risen from 52.5 in 2014 to 78.1 in 2019, which is a direct result of your feedback and our continued efforts to serve you better. We know Corporate One provides the most value to our members when we:

  • Make it easy for you to do business with us.
  • Provide superior products and support.
  • Demonstrate we are listening to and engaging with you.
  • Deliver on what we promise.

Taking our member feedback seriously, we’ve continued our efforts to provide value in these specific areas. Highlighted here are just a few examples:

  • Making it easy for your to do business with us. With this summer’s rollout of our new online user-management hub, we’ve streamlined user management and enabled greater self-service over general account and contact information, providing a digital solution to our members’ ongoing user-management challenges. Our user-management hub also incorporates ID-Pal, a digital identity verification solution, that captures and verifies member identity information for quicker and more effective validation when compared to notarized forms.
  • Listening to and engaging with you. We formed the Member Digital Experience (MDE) department in early 2019 with the focus of enhancing our members’ experiences by improving the ease of using Corporate One’s products and services. MDE regularly works with members to understand their overall goals and challenges, how they use our products, and to identify opportunities to improve their experiences in the future. Most recently, MDE has worked with members to understand how Member$MART, our web-based account management system, is used today, as well as test enhanced functionality to ensure it meets members' needs.
  • Providing superior products. Efforts to enhance our cash-management services began in 2015 with The One Account and EZSweep, our automated overnight cash-management option, and have continued with the launch of our Investment & Funding Dashboard in 2018. The dashboard gives members the ability to view a consolidated summary of their credit union’s Corporate One balances, including deposits, SimpliCD and safekeeping holdings, and loan balances. Our MDE department is currently working on some exciting new enhancements to this dashboard to make it a more convenient “one stop shop” for all your cash management, and we will have them available to you in the first half of 2021.
  • Providing superior support. We invest in the ongoing professional development of our Member Experience Team through additional customer-service training opportunities, allowing us to maintain the excellent service levels that delight our membership.

What we're encouraging you to do

Though we’ve made good progress, I’m aware there are more steps we can take to amplify the value your credit union finds in us, which is why I encourage you to fill out the survey if you haven’t already. The survey includes a forward option so the correct individual at each credit union, the one who maintains the relationship with us, can complete it. We thank you for taking the time over the years to complete this survey, and I hope you will reach out directly any time to me, one of our Enterprise Leadership Team members, or your personal Member Success Consultant to offer your thoughts on how we can continue to make Corporate One even stronger than it is today.

Melissa Ashley