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Announcing our new Real-time Payments Info Center

Charles Harkness, SVP, Strategic Operations Officer

Real-time payments offer many new benefits for consumers and financial institutions alike. Visit the new info center to learn more about those benefits and take a closer look at the evolution of the payments world and how real-time payments are becoming the future of the industry.

Corporate One recognizes that the U.S. financial services industry is still in the early stages of developing a fully interoperable domestic real-time payments network. However, the evolution of the payments ecosystem over the last few years indicates that real-time payments are the future of the industry. As a payments provider, we believe it's important to be at the forefront of this industry shift to educate and prepare credit unions to make important decisions regarding the adoption of faster/real-time payments solutions and strategies. To that end, we’re excited to announce the launch of our brand-new Real-time Payments Info Center, located within our Learning Library.

Featuring articles, webinars and infographics created by Corporate One, the U.S. Faster Payments Council, and The Clearing House, the info center will help your credit union discover more about the benefits of real-time payments and learn how to get connected to real-time payments opportunities. Current resources include the following:

On-demand webinars:

  • Understanding Real-time Payments. Get an introduction to the newest payment rail in 40 years, The Clearing House’s (TCH) RTP® network, along with the benefits of real-time payments. Learn how TCH and the Federal Reserve are working on creating frameworks to support ubiquitous real-time payments.
  • How the U.S. Faster Payments Council is Helping Real-time Payments Become Reality. Learn about the mission and goals of the FPC, how the FPC is working to improve collaboration to promote a world-class, ubiquitous payment system in the U.S., and how your credit union can get involved.
  • Introducing the Newest Payment Rail in 40 years: The Clearing House’s RTP® Network. Discover how The Clearing House’s RTP network is facilitating real-time payments, the roles within the system, and the benefits of the details and data that accompany enhanced payment messages.

Articles and infographics:

  • Real-Time Payments Use Cases
  • RTP® Network Readiness Checklist for Banks and Credit Unions
  • Corporate One's RTP Timeline
  • ISO 20022: An Introduction