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Lee Butke Dear Members:

With increased regulatory scrutiny on liquidity and liquidity planning since 2014, credit unions have done an exceptional job of establishing multiple funding sources to bolster their liquidity policies and contingency funding plans. How do we know this? We see it in the numbers! READ MORE +

 Feature Article
Bow-tie economist Elliot Eisenberg gets rave reviews at Cleveland Member Connect Summit

Plus a bit about the behavior of the Federal Reserve Bank

There's nothing funny about the current state of our economy. Or is there? Comedy and economics may seem like polar opposites, but Elliot Eisenberg, a nationally acclaimed economist and public speaker, weaves the two together seamlessly in his presentations. READ MORE +

Elliot Eisenberg
 Product News
Model validation and its importance in a BSA/AML and OFAC program

Jennifer Morrison By Jennifer Morrison, VP, Senior Risk Manager

Even if not required, validation testing is an important mitigation of your regulatory and compliance risk. READ MORE +

Photo galleries: 2016 Member Connect Summits

Baseballs Pete Rose

Progressive Field

Pausing to consider the risks: Same Day ACH Phase 1

With the rollout of Same Day ACH Phase 1 on September 23, everyone has been busy working on the transition to same-day processing. Now is a good time to pause and consider some lessons learned when the U.K. rolled out faster payments a few years ago. READ MORE +

Reminder: Still time to register for CUs on Tap events in a city near you

Our seven-city tour of Florida will be wrapping up soon, but we want to remind you that there's still time to register for one of our remaining events (hopefully in a city near you!). READ MORE +
 Industry News
Utilizing digital file keeping

By the Ohio Credit Union League

Most everyone has too many digital files to count these days. Music, pictures, financial files, product warranties, even retail receipts that are e-mailed rather than printed at the cash register leave us with digitized pieces of our everyday life. READ MORE +

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The June 23 decision by U.K. citizens to exit the European Union adds another layer of uncertainty to the global economic landscape. Like any unexpected event, the surprising vote in favor of Brexit sent shockwaves through the financial markets for a few days. But fears of the apocalypse quickly subsided as investors realized that this was not a Lehman Brothers moment that would derail the U.S. recovery, much less bring on a global financial crisis. READ MORE +
 Upcoming Events
  10/13/2016   Broward/Palm Beach, FL
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