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From the CEO
September 2017

Dear members:

I am excited to announce that Corporate One has partnered with non-profit startup accelerator Fintech71. Located in Columbus, Ohio, Fintech71 is a non-profit startup accelerator and innovation outpost for the top financial services companies in the U.S. Recently, Fintech71 announced its selection of 10 startups for its inaugural cohort along with the support of new corporate partners, including Corporate One.

Corporate One also has four mentors in the inaugural class of 100, which are as follows: Melissa Ashley, EVP, Chief Financial Officer; Jim Horlacher, EVP, Chief Information Officer; George Middlebrook, VP, Solutions Strategy; and Keith Riddle, EVP Enterprise Solutions Development. In addition, both Melissa and Keith serve on Fintech71’s Investment Selection Committee, which reviewed the proposals of more than 70 Fintech providers.

It is exciting for Corporate One to be mentioned alongside prestigious consulting firms and other leading innovative companies. We are proud of our team of mentors and we are excited to be a part of Fintech71’s mission. You can read the full announcement here.

Innovation and development as a strategic initiative

Part of the reason we’re so excited about this new partnership is because Innovation and Development, especially with financial technology solutions, is an ongoing strategic initiative for Corporate One. We aim to help our members succeed and compete in the rapidly evolving financial environment by providing the tools, skills, and the product and service solutions you need to develop relationships, grow credit union memberships, and generate revenue, all through a delightful member experience.

To that end, in November of 2016, you may recall that we formed an internal division within Corporate One called “Enterprise Solutions Development.” Led by Keith Riddle, the Enterprise group is developing and delivering innovative solutions, such as Roostify (our new all-digital and mobile loan application portal) to our members and the credit union market. The Enterprise group is also instrumental in forming partnerships with companies like Fintech71 and capturing the “voice” of our members, ensuring our solutions are developed/enhanced with our members’ needs first in mind.

Helping our members succeed in this new world of rapid “finnovation” requires that we respond quickly to your needs and invest today in needed resources, and I hope you are as excited as I am about the direction Corporate One is taking.

Lee C. Butke