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New “Investment & Funding Dashboard” launches October 9

By: Bob Post, SVP, Chief Investment Officer

As part of our overall strategic vision to offer credit unions a streamlined and modern user experience for enhanced cash management, Corporate One is excited to announce a new feature that will enhance our member credit unions’ ability to view account balance data.

Beginning on October 9, 2018, we are launching Corporate One’s new “Investment & Funding Dashboard,” which provides a consolidated summary of members’ credit union’s Corporate One balances, including deposits and loan balances, SimpliCD and investment safekeeping holdings, in a convenient at-a-glance format.

Found in the Members Only Applications menu, the “Investment & Funding Dashboard” will enable members to:

  • Easily access their account data, including available lines of credit, from one location
  • View and download pie charts of overall balances and investment and funding balances for inclusion in monthly and/or board reports
  • Download details for SimpliCD and safekeeping holdings
  • Readily retrieve historic month-end account balances
  • Link quickly into Member$MART and/or to our daily rates to manage cash effectively

The “Investment & Funding Dashboard” is available to all Corporate One members with Member$MART authority to access Member$MART online, Account Inquiry and e-Reports. To have this authority extended to you and another person at your credit union, please complete pages 2-4 on the User Authorization Form. Please contact Member Experience at 866/MyCorp1 with any questions.