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Yes, you do have options when funding your balance sheet

When member deposits are not keeping pace with loan growth or unexpected deposit outflow creates liquidity pressure, external funding may be required to fill the gap. The unknown variable: How long will the liquidity pressure last? Often, this variable is overestimated. Then your credit union is in the situation of being overfunded without the ability to return a deposit or prepay a loan.

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Issuing non-member deposits with a call option or taking in term funding from select lenders with no pre-payment penalty are simple options that don’t require special regulatory approval.

Using one or both of these options would allow you to repay the non-member deposit or a term loan when your liquidity position improves. This optionality provides you with more flexibility to manage your balance-sheet risk.

We consistently offer term loan specials without pre-payment penalties. And our recent loan specials have been below our posted loan rates. We change our loan specials every two weeks but let us know if you need something specific. We’re happy to tailor something for you.

Contact our funding guru, Perry Jones, at 800/342-0203, ext. 4030, or at for more information.