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Industry data trends: New interactive dashboard by PMA™ Funding

What are Public Fund Deposits?

Public fund deposits offer deposit diversification and are stable funding sources for credit unions, helping to satisfy a credit union’s short- or long-term or small- or large-block needs. Available to all federally insured credit unions, public fund deposit services are offered to members and non-members.

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What are Public Fund Deposits?

PMA Funding, our trusted public funds deposits partner, actively educates and provides insight on industry trends through various means, and we are excited to announce that they have recently launched a new interactive dashboard on their website. This dashboard provides a convenient overview of key aggregate metrics in the banking industry on topics including:

  • Cost of funds
  • Financial performance
  • Credit quality
  • Deposits and loans

Updated on a quarterly basis, the industry data can be segmented by community, regional, and money-center institutions or viewed from a total industry perspective. Visitors can easily view custom time periods, ranging from the present year back to 2005.