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Enhanced digital cash-management experience

Based on our members’ ongoing feedback, Corporate One has provided further enhancements to the Investment & Funding Dashboard, a recently added digital experience to help members more easily understand and manage their cash at Corporate One. The dashboard gives members the ability to view a consolidated summary of their credit union’s Corporate One balances, including deposits, SimpliCD and Safekeeping holdings, and loan balances in a convenient format.

How to access the dashboard

The dashboard is available to all Corporate One members with Member$MART authority to access Member$MART online, Account Inquiry and e-Reports. This authority can be extended to additional personnel at your credit union by completing pages 2-4 on the User Authorization Form. Please contact Member Experience at 866/MyCorp1 with any questions.

Recently, we’ve added several new enhancements to the dashboard. These enhancements focus on increasing the frequency of data updates and available data as we work towards a dashboard that will provide you a complete picture of your investment and funding position with Corporate One.

Investment portfolio

Securities Safekeeping data is now being updated multiple times a day, providing near real-time experiences. The increased frequency of these updates allows credit unions to monitor daily settlement activity for new or matured securities.

Funding portfolio

Data has been added for two new funding categories: SimpliCD Issuance and Public Fund Deposits. These categories will be updated on a monthly basis.

Members who use the dashboard agree that it has been a great tool to manage their balances and to see where things stand from an overall “macro” standpoint. We hope our members continue to find value in this application, and we look forward to your feedback as we release future enhancements.