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Dear Members:
Just last week, Corporate One held its annual meeting where we reviewed our achievements for 2011 and shared our vision for the future. Our annual meeting is an exciting time for many reasons. First and foremost, it’s a great time to see so many members and hear about the successes many of you are having at your credit unions. Secondly, our annual meeting is when we release our annual report. And, for us at Corporate One, this was a bright spot as we are in the fortunate position to report yet another successful year in 2011.   READ MORE +

Feature Article
Expand payment offerings; enhance revenue with ACH origination for business members
18-month promotion and reduced pricing create prime opportunity for your credit union to grow

By: Robert Coyan, SVP, Marketing and Operations

Robert Coyan Headshot One of the most advantageous and fastest growing trends within credit unions is that of extending ACH services to Special Employee Groups (SEG) and small/medium businesses. ACH origination for your SEG/business members puts the power of electronic payments in their hands, providing greater convenience, efficiency and access to cash flows all while helping them reduce their costs related to cutting checks and invoicing customers.   READ MORE +
Product News

Corporate One ACH Services important reminders and updates
Don’t forget to return updated Fed forms, trainings on the horizon

Corporate One continues to make great progress in its transition to the new Corporate One ACH Services platform.  We kicked off the conversion process in late March by asking all ACH users to complete updated Fed Forms. Updated forms are key to the conversion process as they ensure ACH transactions being sent and received from your institution can be appropriately redirected from U.S. Central to Fundtech, the provider of our new solution. The majority of ACH users have returned their updated forms to us, and we are grateful for such timely responses.  We kindly remind those credit unions that have yet to return their forms to do so as quickly as possible.  READ MORE +

Learn more about the Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan® program
Two live webinars scheduled for those already on the program and for those interested in starting

Sallie Mae As you may know, Corporate One built a turnkey partnership with Sallie Mae nearly two years ago concentrating on the Smart Option Student Loan® program. Participating credit unions benefit when their members obtain a loan through Sallie Mae, earning them fee income with no start up costs or portfolio risks, as loans are underwritten, funded and serviced by Sallie Mae. Credit unions only need to incorporate a link from Sallie Mae on their website promoting and further detailing the Smart Option Student Loan®.  READ MORE +

National settlement update

As you are aware, U.S. Central is winding down services as directed by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). One of the services provided to our members through U.S. Central is automated national settlement (external settlement). Corporate One has been working with many of the participating vendors that settle with credit unions through this service so they may continue to seamlessly present transactions directly to us. READ MORE + 

Registration for 2012 BSA-OFAC trainings available
Corporate One members receive two complimentary registrations

Corporate One is proud to once again provide BSA-OFAC training to help our member credit unions fulfill their annual BSA/OFAC training requirement. Spaces are filling up quickly, so, if you haven’t already registered, be sure to sign-up today for one of this year’s two events in Columbus or Dayton, Ohio. Interested participants can register on our Web site. Participation is complimentary for Corporate One members up to two attendees. Each additional attendee is $99.00. Non-Corporate One members are also welcome for a charge of $149.00 per attendee.   READ MORE + 

Industry News

U.S. savings bonds now being redeemed through electronic collection; EZ Clear decommissioned
Thanks to ACE users for downloading patch quickly and successfully

On April 16, the U.S. Treasury began accepting electronically cleared U.S. savings bonds, making redeeming these items more efficient for financial institutions (FIs) to process. Now, credit unions and other FIs are able to process these items just the same as any other share draft/check being presented for collection in their cash letters. READ MORE +


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Corporate One Financial Statements

for the month of May 2012
With the economy nearly three years removed from the Great Recession, it’s clear that this isn’t your garden-variety recovery. By now the job-creating engine should be in high gear, generating fatter paychecks for workers; households should feel comfortable with their financial well-being, spending profusely on big-ticket items; companies should be expanding capacity to accommodate growing demand; and policy makers should be worrying less about growth and more about containing inflationary pressures.  + READ MORE
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