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Dear Members:
As you are aware, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) has slated to close U.S. Central Bridge Federal Credit Union (U.S. Central), the wholesale credit union utilized by the corporate network, by the end of October. Corporate One is prepared for this move, most notably by converting away from APEX-ACH, which is presently underway. The closure of U.S. Central also brings changes relative to the Central Liquidity Facility (CLF) that are of particular importance in light of other regulatory changes surrounding credit union emergency liquidity currently being proposed by the NCUA.   READ MORE +

Feature Article
ACH conversion officially underway
More than 175 credit unions live on our new platform

By: Robert Coyan, SVP, Marketing and Operations

Robert Coyan This was a big week for our transition to Corporate One ACH Services as we completed our first set of conversions, bringing more than 175 credit unions live on our new platform, with the remainder going live next month. We are pleased to have received great reviews and positive comments from our members now using the new system. Of course a conversion like this is a big undertaking, so we especially appreciate the support and dedication of our ACH users.   READ MORE +
Product News

Developing an interest rate risk program
Learn how to measure interest rate risk with new Corporate One webinar

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) has issued a final rule requiring federally insured credit unions of certain asset sizes to develop and adopt a written policy on interest rate risk (IRR) management and to create a program to implement that policy as a part of their asset liability management responsibility by Sept. 30, 2012. To assist member credit unions in preparing for this new requirement, Corporate One featured an article in the June Solutions that examined the components of the new regulation. In addition, we’re offering a complimentary webinar series to help both large and small credit unions better understand IRR.  READ MORE +

Corporate One announces Fall Card Solutions
Info Sessions

Learn more about our great offering, and have lunch
on us

Did you know that Corporate One is the only corporate to develop a comprehensive and nationwide cards program specifically designed to allow easy entry into the ATM/Debit,  Credit or Prepaid market for small- and mid-sized credit unions? We are. And, we invite you to learn more about our program at one of our Fall Card Solutions Info Sessions in September.  READ MORE +

Community Investment Fund pays dividends for all of those involved
Learn more about our great offering, and have lunch on us

Is your credit union familiar with the Community Investment Fund (CIF)? If not, Corporate One recently launched a new CIF Web page where you can learn more about our partnership with the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) on the CIF, which is a unique investment vehicle that allows credit unions to generate revenue while also supporting their respective state credit union foundation as well as NCUF.  READ MORE +

Reminder: Changes coming in November in how we deliver account statements and billing invoices

Corporate One is changing the distribution method of our account statements and billing invoices to a more consolidated and efficient process. Beginning November 1, 2012, members will have the option to receive both account statements and billing invoices by paper via U.S. mail OR electronic delivery via MemberView®. We will no longer provide the option of getting one document by mail and the other by electronic delivery.  READ MORE +

Industry News

Update to Reg. E: Final rule regarding electronic transactions

Earlier this month, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued its final rule regarding remittance transfers, implementing section 1073 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. For Corporate One members, one of the most important aspects of the rule is that effective February 7, 2013, the CFPB will increase from 25 to 100 the number of international electronic transactions an institution must initiate annually before it is required to comply with certain disclosure requirements. Further, for those for insured financial institutions processing more than 100 international electronic transactions annually, they will receive an exemption from some of the disclosure requirements until July 21, 2015. READ MORE +

Changes to rules surrounding Notification of Change (NOC) for social security payments and OFAC’s policy for International ACH Transaction (IAT) entries

There have been a couple of recent rule changes regarding two ACH processes that Corporate One would like to bring to your attention.  The first has to do with the enforcement of the account change process with the Social Security Administration. The other issue has to do with crediting proceeds from IAT entries prior to the OFAC screening.  Keep reading for additional detail regarding these changes. READ MORE +

Sept. 12 is Miracle Jeans Day; credit unions encouraged to participate

Miracle Jeans Day 2012Miracle Jeans Day, a fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network supported by the Credit Unions for Kids Steering Committee, is set for Wednesday, Sept. 12. Credit unions are encouraged to participate by allowing employees to dress casual for a minimum donation of $5, and members can get involved by purchasing paper icons for the same amount. READ MORE +

Come talk with us at the fall OCUL Town Hall meetings

Mark your calendar to attend one of six Town Hall meetings this fall hosted by the Ohio Credit Union League. Corporate One leadership will again participate in the meeting series with Lee Butke and members of our senior management discussing our financial position, products and services, the CLF and funding and liquidity solutions.  Additionally, the league will provide insight into current issues in the credit union movement and how the Ohio Credit Union League can continue supporting your credit union’s success. READ MORE +


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for the month of Sept. 2012
Just when it seems the economy is sinking deeper into the doldrums, a ray of light is shining through the dark clouds. To be sure, the silver linings are far from bright, overshadowed by the dismal performance in the second quarter and array of threats that may yet snuff out any nascent optimism. Most ominously is the ongoing euro crisis, punctuated by a worsening recession in Europe, slowing growth in China as well as other developing nations, and the still heavy layer of uncertainty regarding the looming fiscal cliff that threatens to send the economy into a recession next year. But the nation has lived with these threats for some time, and familiarity may be lessening their negative impact. Meanwhile, "green shoots" appeared as the calendar page turned to the third quarter. Hiring picked up in July, rebounding from a second-quarter slump. Retail sales also spiked higher during the month, ending a three-month stretch of falling sales. Finally, the housing sector is showing more signs of life, moving further away from the emergency ward and making a belated contribution to the economic recovery.  + READ MORE
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