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Daily and monthly ACH statistical reports are now available in ACH Services

Daily and monthly statistical reports are now available in ACH Services. The new reports are: Origination daily stats, receipt daily stats, monthly origination stats and monthly receipt stats. To begin using the reports, please review the following:

  • Credit unions with two or more ACH Administrators need to establish authority for each other as well as their other users. If your credit union has only one ACH Admin, please contact Corporate One at 866/MyCorp1 for assistance in getting set-up. Brief instructions on how to set-up access and where to find the reports are included in the ACH Daily and Monthly Statistical Report Instructions Guide.
  • The system is populated with reports beginning August 1; however, the system didn’t generate these reports until August 14 and 15. As the name of the report corresponds with the date it was generated, several reports have the same title and it is not clear from the reports screen to what day the report actually corresponds. Understanding this is a bit confusing; please see the screen shot below where we indicate what the actual date is for the reports listed.

ACH Statistical Report Instructions