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Now offering FTP images for share drafts

More options now available for retrieving share draft images

Constructing our future

Corporate One is pleased to announce that among the many benefits from the merger with Southeast Corporate, we are now able to offer members another option for share draft images. Members may continue to enjoy the benefits of instant online access to digital images through Member View, or now through our new secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) image service.

Through Image Depot Express, our newly acquired database query program, Corporate One can now provide image files using FTP to your credit union. Image Depot Express provides credit unions the ability to locate and review share draft images in a proprietary format. This service would allow your credit union to enjoy the flexibility of maintaining a database of cleared items housed at your credit union, instead of online, with daily access of cleared items for research and making copies. And, should your credit union have multiple branches, you may find this new image service a more cost efficient option, as branch staff can view images through a shared resource. For long-term storage, these images can be stored on your network or downloaded and stored to a CD or DVD. FTP images may also be beneficial for your small business members as offloading images through FTP files by account number is a service often requested by such members as a tool to facilitate account management.

Additionally, credit unions that have an internal imaging system will now have the option of importing images by receiving a Common Output Format (COFF) or x9.37 format. The proprietary and COFF formats are available to members on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The x9.37 format is only available on a daily basis.

We’re glad we can provide you with multiple options for retrieving share draft images so that you can determine what solution will work best for your credit union. Earlier this week we mailed informational packets to CEOs at member credit unions on our Share Draft program. Be on the lookout for this packet as it contains all the information needed to begin taking advance of this new solution. For more information, please contact your Member Relationship Manager at 866/MyCorp1.