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New mobile app and updated Web site slated for Alliance One in September

Cardholders will be able to access more than 4,800 ATMs from wherever, whenever

By: Paul Hixon, VP, Marketing and Communications

Paul Hixon

On September 16, 2013, Alliance One, one of the nation’s largest selective surcharge-free ATM groups, will launch a new mobile ATM Locator app and an updated Web site. We are excited about these enhancements, which were designed to improve usability for cardholders and streamline account maintenance for participants.

It’s no secret the amount of time Americans spend on their smartphones is growing. To ensure Alliance One remains a competitive, relevant brand for our participants and their cardholders, we knew we had to go mobile. Cardholders will soon have a way to search Alliance One ATM locations in an app that works on iPhone and Android devices. The app utilizes Google Maps technology to source a user’s current location or users can input a specific location. The app then finds the closest ATMs to the given location. With one touch, the app will provide directions using the phone’s map application—an easy and quick way for cardholders to get the information they need, on the go, wherever they are.

Concurrent with the app launch, we will also be re-launching an enhanced The main purpose for remains to be the ATM locator and coverage map functions for cardholders. Cardholders will notice a more up-to-date and streamlined design, with improved mapping thanks to a partnership with Google Maps. Most importantly for our participants; however, are the significant upgrades being made to the site’s back-end functionality. Alliance One contacts (i.e. those employees charged with managing Alliance One at participating credit unions) for each participating financial institution will now have account-level access, with the ability to login via a username and password to view and manage their financial institution’s Alliance One information, including: ATMs and terminal drivers, BINs, and contacts. Alliance One contacts will be able to edit, add and delete this information as needed, no longer needing to submit forms for updates, for significantly more efficient account management. Further, they will be able to log surcharge issues online for direct delivery to Alliance One support, access newsletters for the latest program information and create customizable marketing materials to promote Alliance One to their cardholders.

Announcement letters were sent out to participating credit union CEOs earlier this month. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be in touch with Alliance One contacts on details about the roll-out of these exciting enhancements, including site credentials and instructions on how to use the enhanced Web site and new app. We’ve also created several resources that participating credit unions can use to promote this new app to cardholders, including printable posters, teller window tents and Web banners.

It’s an exciting time for Alliance One. We welcome you to check out the new site and download the app from your phone’s app store, beginning September 16.

  • New: Alliance One ATM Locator Mobile app for iPhone and Android

    Mobile App
  • Improved:
    Updated Web site and account-level access for participating credit unions

    New and improved website