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Introducing EZ Sweep: Convenient. Simple. Profitable.

Lee Butke As I discussed in Solutions last month, I’m excited to let you know about some changes we’re making at Corporate One. These changes give you more options and increased flexibility when it comes to managing your cash. I mentioned I’d have details for you in the future, and, as promised here they are. READ MORE +

Feature Article
Getting ready for impending ACH rules changes

By: Steve Jones, VP, Member Experience

Getting up to speed on the ever-changing payments landscape is more important than ever. And, for ACH, the next year is bringing a lot of change. First, we have the new Network Risk and Enforcement rules this September. READ MORE +
Product News

Announcing new OneWire Global international wire processing

On October 5, Corporate One is launching OneWire Global, an enhanced international wires processing platform. OneWire Global will replace international wire processing functionality currently done in OneWire, which will only be used for domestic wires moving forward (and referred to as OneWire Domestic). READ MORE +

Same Day ACH Part 3: Webinar on September 16

September 16 From testing a file to successful file submission, this complimentary webinar will review the details of how to get your Same Day ACH process up and running. Join us on September 16 for part three of our Same Day ACH webinar series. READ MORE +

Complimentary webinar on September 29: Dynamic business solutions for your members

September 29 Are you interested in adding solutions for your business members but not sure how to get started? Would you like more information on member business opportunities available for your credit union? READ MORE +

NCUF and Corporate One produce new cooperative principles video
It’s time to celebrate being a cooperative!

We are excited to announce that The National Credit Union Foundation (the Foundation) and Corporate One FCU have just recently released a short, animated video that discusses the benefits of being a credit-union cooperative and briefly describes the seven basic principles by which all cooperatives operate. READ MORE +

Cards Corner

The meteoric rise of digital engagement:
Part one

How digital engagement is transforming the financial services sector

By: Keith Riddle, SVP, Chief Product Management Officer

As I review an onslaught of articles and industry studies each day concerning the increasing levels of digital engagement from consumers, I contemplate how credit unions of all sizes are navigating through the dynamic rate of change mobile and digital platforms have introduced within the credit union’s operating environment. READ MORE +

Patty's Corner

New ACH webinar series available through our training certification program

By: Patty Matthews, Corporate Trainer

Get ready for Same Day ACH with this multi-part webinar series. Presented by Corporate One’s Manager of ACH Services, Kathy Himes, each webinar will help your credit union navigate the transition from the current ACH environment to Same Day processing, which is anticipated to go into effect in 2016. READ MORE +

For Small Credit Unions

Take advantage of our extended ACH business origination promotion

One of the untapped benefits of ACH services is the opportunity for credit unions to strengthen their relationships with business members and Select Employee Groups (SEGs). READ MORE +

Industry News

Join us in October for our new Member Connect Summits

If you’re going to be in Ohio this fall, Corporate One invites you to connect with us and with your credit union peers on the latest topics at our 2015 Member Connect Summits. READ MORE +

Member Connect Summits

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The U.S. economy keeps slogging along, neither busting out of its subpar growth pattern nor showing signs of flaming out. Growth picked up in the second quarter, as expected, but the modest spring bounce failed to give much heft to a listless first-half performance. The second half is shaping up to be a bit better, if only because it will not be weighed down by the external shocks, such as harsh weather, that battered the first quarter. Otherwise, the third and fourth quarters are poised to grow at about the same 2 –2 ½ pace seen since the end of the Great Recession, which is far weaker than past upturns. + READ MORE
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