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Dear Members:
Managing a credit union’s balance sheet has rarely been more challenging. The combination of the historic low rate environment and the increased regulatory load has significantly modified the way in which credit unions fund themselves, and in turn deploy their funds into loans and investments. READ MORE +

Feature Article
Geopolitical events affect wires and suspicious activity definition
By: Jennifer Morrison, VP, Senior Risk Manager

Jennifer MorrisonThe terrible violence in Venezuela and Ukraine these past weeks reminds us that geopolitical unrest can affect our Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/AML) and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) programs. Countries involved in these geopolitical events need to be added to your “high risk” radar. The unfortunate violence in these countries should increase your monitoring focus on international payments, including wires and International ACH Transactions (IATs), to and from these countries.  READ MORE +
Product News

Process wires during intermittent service at your credit union
Get a wire call-in pin today

Here’s a typical scenario you’ve probably experienced at the credit union. The internet goes down and there are wires to process. If your credit union has a wire call-in PIN, then you can call Corporate One and we can process the wire for you as the PIN both identifies and verifies the person calling-in the wire.

Get moving with several ACH Origination opportunities created to help credit unions succeed
Educational seminars, limited-time promotion and other resources now available

ACH is clearly becoming more widely used each year, and with good reason. ACH transactions settle overnight and funds are available as soon as they hit the receiver's account. And, ACH offers financial institutions many benefits as well, including the opportunity for new revenue and greater overall processing efficiencies.  READ MORE +

It’s not too late to register for “Understanding Liquidity & Contingency Funding Options” webinar
Hosted in partnership with the NCUA, webinar aims to helps credit unions navigate the new Liquidity and Contingency Funding Rule

To help credit unions gain a better understanding and further assist in complying with the final rule of liquidity and contingency funding, Corporate One is holding a webinar on Wednesday, March 5, 2014. The webinar, “Understanding Liquidity & Contingency Funding Options” is being hosted by the National Credit Union Administration’s Vice President of the Central Liquidity Facility and Senior Capital Markets Specialist, Gail Kenyon and Corporate One’s Perry Jones, Vice President/Portfolio.  READ MORE +

Two different complimentary Asset/Liability Management (ALM) seminars announced
Learn how to better manage your ALM program, improve return on assets (ROA) and the ALCO process

Accolade Accolade Asset/Liability Advisory Services, one of Corporate One’s wholly-owned CUSOs, has actively been conducting successful educational sessions on risk and balance sheet management. With their success, we’re pleased to announce additional educational seminars taking place in March, April and May. READ MORE +

Three Simple Ways to Reduce Your Bond/Insurance Costs Webinar

Lockton With credit unions facing a historically low interest rate environment, the need to examine operating expenses is more important than ever. To help you gain a better understanding of Corporate One’s Insurance and Bond Services solution, and to learn about new ways to reduce expenses, we invite you to attend this complimentary webinar on Wed., April 23, 2014 from 2:00 P.M. - 2:30 P.M. ET.  READ MORE +

Cards Corner

Does your card provider pay you? We do, and we’d love to share the wealth with your credit union
Corporate One’s Cards Solution provides patronage dividends and rebates to participating credit unions

Amy Macmullen Corporate One’s Card Solutions for both debit and credit reflects our commitment to providing credit unions solutions that spur revenue growth and enable credit unions to better serve their members and boost membership. Plus, we offer a couple of perks not found with other providers.

For Small Credit Unions

Accolade offers a solution to help smaller credit unions manage the balance sheet

By: Aaron Rouse, Accolade’s Director of ALM Services

Small CU icon As pointed out in this month’s “Note from the CEO,” managing a credit union’s balance has become more and more challenging for credit unions of all sizes due to expanding compliance requirements and an uncertain interest-rate outlook. This is especially true for smaller credit unions whose staff tends to wear many different hats with limited time demands. READ MORE +

Industry News

Save the Date: Corporate One’s Annual Meeting/inVest48

inVest48 Please save the date for Corporate One’s 2014 Annual Meeting, which is open to all Corporate One members. This year’s meeting will be held on April 9 from 1:30-2:00 P.M. ET in the George Fellows Ballroom at the Hilton Columbus, (OH) Downtown. Please join us as we review our successes in 2013, release our 2013 Annual Report and outline our vision for the future.  READ MORE +

New credit union campaign raises awareness of the credit union difference
Available to members of Corporate One

inVest48 Payment Systems for Credit Unions (PSCU) has created an integrated campaign called “Make Your Money Matter” to boost credit union membership among millennials and to promote the credit union difference. They are using the current discontent with banks to raise awareness of and persuade consumers to consider credit unions as their financial institution.  READ MORE +

Butke elected to Treasurer, National Credit Union Foundation Board

Lee Butke, president/CEO of Corporate One FCU, was elected as treasurer of the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) Board of Directors at NCUF's board meeting held on December, 18, 2013, effective as of January 1, 2014.  READ MORE +

Liquidity Seminars

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January Unaudited
Financial Statements

Corporate One Financial Statements

for the month of Mar. 2014
The economic landscape looked more like the frozen tundra late last year and the early months of 2014. Copious snowfall blanketed much of the East Coast and frigid temperatures sent shivers up and down the coastal spine. As a result, consumers opted for the indoors rather than the malls, curbing spending; plants and oil-drilling platforms had to be shut down, cutting production and mining output; deliveries couldn’t be made, preventing needed supplies from reaching factory floors and warehouses; and many workers had their hours reduced, taking a forced pay cut, either because they couldn’t get to their workplaces or demand for their services were short-circuited by weather conditions.

It will be a while before the weather-related economic impact can be assessed. But it clearly stifled the momentum that seemed to be building over the second half of last year. Unfortunately, some of the loss will never be made up. Diners who skipped a planned meal at a restaurant will not compensate by eating out twice or ordering two meals when the weather is more favorable. Those revenues (and waiter tips) are permanently lost. For the most part, however, adverse weather causes people to postpone purchases not eliminate them. Hopefully, the economic damage is mostly temporary and will be repaired when pent-up demand is unleashed later on. One thing is clear, however: the strong finish to 2013 did not carry over into this year. The economy is destined to grow at a much slower pace in the first quarter than it did over the second half of last year. + READ MORE
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