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New liquidity rule takes effect on March 31, 2014
Corporate One can help you meet the requirements of the new regulation

Dear Members:
I wanted to let you know about some changes occurring for credit unions in the management of liquidity, and how we can help you meet the requirements of the new liquidity regulation. Recently, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) issued a final rule requiring board-approved liquidity plans for all credit unions; contingency funding plans for most credit unions; and, a federal liquidity source for the largest credit unions. READ MORE +

Feature Article
Finding ways to grow your ATM/Debit and share draft programs
First quarter promotion waives start-up fee for Alliance One surcharge-free program

By: Paul Hixon, VP, Marketing and Communications

Bob PostOne of the most effective strategies for growing a credit union’s ATM/Debit and share draft programs is providing members convenient access to their funds via a fleet of surcharge-free ATM locations. But ATMs are expensive. Surcharge-free networks also can be expensive, with hefty per card and/or per transaction fees. Additionally, with most surcharge-free networks, credit unions must agree to have each of those transactions routed through a different switch, which can be counterproductive to the priority routing agreements with the credit union’s ATM/Debit processor. But for credit unions looking for a more convenient, cost-effective and cooperative solution, there is Alliance One.  READ MORE +
Product News

Deepen your knowledge on cyber and privacy liability during upcoming webinar
Thursday, February 27 | 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM ET

Learn what to do to reduce your credit union's risk associated with doing business in the "cyber" age during this upcoming new Webinar, “Privacy Liability & Cyber Risk - How to Transfer Exposure through Insurance.” The webinar is being presented by Corporate One’s Insurance and Risk Management Solutions partner, Lockton. READ MORE +

New ACH Origination seminars announced
Discover what you need to know to develop a robust ACH Origination program at complimentary seminars

Please join us and learn more about ACH Origination, including how your credit union can build its own ACH origination infrastructure. Our discussion, facilitated in partnership with representatives from payments associations EastPay and EPCOR, will focus on how you can establish a robust, integrated ACH offering and effectively compete in today's marketplace. READ MORE +

New webinar helps credit unions navigate the new Liquidity and Contingency Funding Rule

To help credit unions gain a better understanding and further assist in complying with the final rule of liquidity and contingency funding, Corporate One is holding a webinar on Wednesday, March 5, 2014. The webinar, “Understanding liquidity & contingency funding options” is being hosted by the National Credit Union Administration’s Vice President the Central Liquidity Facility and Senior Capital Markets Specialist, Gail Kenyon and Corporate One’s Perry Jones, Vice President/Portfolio. READ MORE +

Cards Corner

Unlock your debit potential
Grow your debit card program with Corporate One’s new spring debit campaign program

Amy Macmullen Debit card growth campaigns are a win-win strategy for both members and credit unions. On average, debit is the second source of non-interest income for most credit unions, so it is profitable for credit unions to promote their debit card program. In order to keep momentum and debit portfolios growing, a focused marketing effort to grow usage is encouraged. Let Corporate One help you. Historically our members have experienced a four to six percent response rate when participating in one of our targeted cards campaigns. READ MORE +

For Small Credit Unions

The Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan® program is a “smart” option for smaller credit unions

By: Paul Hixon, VP, Marketing and Communications

Small CU icon If you’re a small credit union looking to expand your loan offerings, attract younger members, and generate additional fee income, then Corporate One has the perfect solution. As you may know, Corporate One built a partnership with Sallie Mae several years ago concentrating on the Smart Option Student Loan program. This is a turnkey program that allows credit unions to earn fee income when its members receive a loan funded by Sallie Mae. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of this program, then keep reading to learn how your credit union can greatly benefit through participation. READ MORE +

Industry News

Stop by to see us at CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference

GAC Logo If you will be attending the GAC in Washington, DC next month, Corporate One invites you to stop by our booth #555 to learn about our infinite solution possibilities, and to meet with staff and management. Further, Corporate One is excited to announce that our CUSO, Accolade, will also be exhibiting at the GAC for their first time in booth #559.  READ MORE +

President’s Day holiday cash ordering reminder

February 17, 2014 icon Due to the Federal Reserve and Corporate One both being closed in observance of President’s Day on Monday, February 17, 2014, you may need to change your cash ordering. To review the standard holiday cash service change announcement, visit the Federal Reserve’s Web site. Due to the varying arrangements between financial institutions and their carriers, please confirm these delivery dates with your armored carrier representative. READ MORE +

Corporate One honors three Accredited ACH Professionals (AAPs) on national day of recognition
February 11 is the Accredited ACH Professionals’ (AAPs) National Day of Recognition. The AAP accreditation is recognized as the gold standard in ACH excellence and AAPs are considered expert payments professionals. Today, there are more than 4,000 AAPs in the U.S., and Corporate One is proud to have three of them on staff serving our members.  READ MORE +

ACH Origination Seminars

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November Unaudited
Financial Statements

Corporate One Financial Statements

for the month of Feb. 2014
The economy is doing better. While it’s hard to refute that simple statement, there are many who believe that it’s not enough; things could – and should – be considerably better. True, the U.S. has enjoyed more than four years of uninterrupted growth since the Great Recession ended. That’s something virtually no other advanced nation can lay claim to. What’s more, the root causes of the recession have been mostly resolved. The battered financial system has been restored to health, and the housing bust has been replaced by a strong and ongoing housing revival. As a result, the critical and aggressive policy supports needed to keep the economy afloat are being gradually dismantled. Policy makers are now focusing on how best to nourish the upturn in a manner that would restore full employment without stirring up inflation.

And that’s the rub. Despite more than four years of growth, the goal of full employment is still a distant prospect. One reason: the pace of growth has been far too slow to reach the target. Over the 17 quarters of the recovery, real GDP has increased at a 2.4 percent annual rate. That is less than half the average growth rate registered in nine previous postwar upturns, and the slowest of the bunch. To be fair, the recovery started with a huge disadvantage, emerging from the steepest downturn since the Great Depression and fighting through a financial crisis. History shows that economies typically take longer to recover under such circumstances. + READ MORE
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