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Lee Butke Dear Members:

Last month we emphasized that you would have plenty of opportunities to make sure you can get the greatest value out of your membership in Corporate One in the New Year. This month I am pleased to announce that we have hit the ground running with many plans to help you make 2015 an outstanding year. We are coming to a town near you! READ MORE +

Feature Article
8 compliance lessons from recent enforcement actions: Part one

Jennifer Morrison By: Jennifer Morrison, VP, Senior Risk Manager

At a recent Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) conference, attendee surveys found that compliance officers universally react to and learn from recent enforcement actions that come from federal agencies. READ MORE +
Product News

Disaster recovery/business continuity exercises coming in February – ACTION REQUESTED

Corporate One will be conducting our annual disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity exercise for the Ohio data center on Friday, February 20, 2015. READ MORE +

Are you getting ready for the switch to EMV?

The introduction of EMV chip-enabled payment cards marks a major change for the future payments landscape. And this change is upon us; the transition officially begins in October 2015. READ MORE +

Early bird special for BSA/AML and OFAC webinar

This training is specifically designed to help you fulfill your yearly regulatory requirement. Register now through June 1, 2015, and take advantage of our new early bird rates. READ MORE +

Registration for Accolade’s First Annual Users Conference now open

One of the benefits to clients of Accolade, a Corporate One credit union service organization (CUSO), is the continuing education they provide. So if you’re a client of Accolade, get ready for their First Annual Users Conference from March 18-20, 2015. READ MORE +

Cards Corner

Could your cards portfolio be the next big thing?

By: Amy MacMullen, AVP, Card Products/Product Specialists

Amy Macmullen Does your cards program offer you benefits for participating in their program? We do! In fact, our cards program offers several benefits, such as annual cash dividends and marketing campaign assistance. READ MORE +

For Small Credit Unions

Do you have a strategic investment plan?

Small CU icon The word “strategy,” simply defined, means “a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.” Whether it’s managing your budget or saving up for retirement, a well-defined strategy can help you achieve your goals that much better. READ MORE +

Industry News

Increasing your risk management controls to reduce fraud

By: Jennifer L. Kirk, AAP, EPCOR

Credit unions offering consumer account-to-account transfer services are increasingly realizing financial losses, primarily due to members transferring funds from an account they don’t have the authority to debit from.

Join us! Upcoming EastPay convention in
Orlando, FL

Feb 25 EastPay’s 2015 Information Interchange is less than a month away, taking place on February 24-26 at the Caribe Royale Hotel in Orlando, FL. READ MORE +

Holiday cash ordering reminder

Feb 16 Due to both the Federal Reserve and Corporate One being closed in observance of Presidents' Day on Monday, February 16, 2015, you may need to change your cash ordering process. READ MORE +

Butke re-elected as National Credit Union Foundation Board Treasurer

Corporate One President/CEO Lee Butke was re-elected as treasurer of the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) Board of Directors at the NCUF's board meeting held January 14, 2015. READ MORE +

DR testing Feb 20

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February 2015
There’s an age-old adage that if you ask the opinion of nine economists, you will get nine different answers. If two-armed economists are included in the poll, multiply the result accordingly. That may be overstating the case a bit, but it’s hard to remember another time when so many diversely opinionated members of the profession are in a position to influence policies, both here and abroad. At the Federal Reserve’s December policy meeting – usually a model of harmony – three officials dissented from the majority opinion, only the third time so many no-votes were cast since 1992. Overseas, the split is even more dramatic with European policy makers bitterly divided over how to deal with a wide range of problems, including a deflation threat, weak growth, currency manipulation and a prospective Greek exit from the eurozone. + READ MORE
Upcoming Events

Corporate One will be closed in observance of Presidents' Day: February 16, 2015.

  2/11/2015   2:00 PM ET
  2/12/2015 - 3/25/2015   5 trainings available
  2/23/2015   11:00 AM ET
  2/24/2015   11:00 AM ET
  3/3/2015   11:00 AM ET
  3/4/2015   11:00 AM ET
  3/5/2015   11:00 AM ET
  3/18/2015 - 3/20/2015   Multi-day conference
  2/11/2015   2:00 PM ET
  3/31/2015   9:00 AM ET
  4/1/2015   9:00 AM ET
  4/14/2015   9:00 AM PT
  4/16/2015   9:00 AM PT
  5/4/2015 - 5/6/2015   Multi-day Conference