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Dear Members:
Credit union folks talk a lot about the cooperative spirit. That’s because cooperation is something we practice every day, in helping our members, and in helping each other. But even in my 30-plus years of working in this industry, I’ve never seen the cooperative spirit more alive than during the past few years.   READ MORE +

Feature Article
ACH conversion officially underway
More than 100 members trained, conversions begin in August

By: Marcus Wannemacher, VP, Operations

Marcus Wannemacher Corporate One is excited to have recently begun the conversion process for our ACH users to the new ACH Corporate One Services.  I’m pleased to report we’ve already trained more than 100 member users, including credit unions and business partners, and we are looking forward to our first official conversions in the beginning of August. With things now underway, I wanted to provide you with a quick status update and throw out a few reminders to ensure things continue to run smoothly.   READ MORE +
Product News

Important information regarding changes to account statements and billing invoices

Corporate One is changing the distribution method of our account statements and billing invoices to a more consolidated and efficient process. Beginning November 1, 2012, members will have the option to receive both account statements and billing invoices by paper via U.S. mail OR electronic delivery via MemberView®. We will no longer provide the option of getting one document by mail and the other by electronic delivery.  READ MORE +

New safekeeping guidelines effective August 1

Alaska USA Trust Company (AUSA) recently announced it will be instituting new trade notification guidelines for their safekeeping operations. Corporate One has communicated these upcoming changes to members with securities accounts and wanted to issue another reminder before the changes go into effect August 1, 2012.  READ MORE +

Industry News

Community Investment Fund, state foundations benefit from your continued support of Corporate One

As a corporate credit union, Corporate One provides support to the credit union movement in a multitude of ways. First and foremost, we offer proven, reliable financial solutions that help credit unions remain competitive in today’s marketplace. Secondly, we proudly provide support to those cooperative endeavors that enrich our movement, like those provided by our national and individual state foundations. READ MORE +

Check out EPCOR’s Knowledge Community
Online networking platform for payments professionals

Corporate One’s payments partner, EPCOR, is now offering a value-added service to its members called the Knowledge Community. This service provides a professional, payments-industry-related social networking platform to EPCOR members in a secure environment. READ MORE +

Donate to and help credit union people affected by recent wildfires

Donate to CUAidRecent wildfires in Colorado have devastated neighborhoods and entire communicates. In the Colorado Springs area alone, the fire destroyed 346 homes, forcing thousands to flee for safety. To help credit union people affected by the wildfires in Colorado, the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) has activated their online disaster relief system READ MORE +

NCUA issues annual report

NCUA 2011 Annual ReportThe NCUA issued their 2011 Annual Report this month, which described an agency and industry showing steady improvement from the economic downturn and financial crisis occurring over the past few years. The report also covered the NCUA’s industry-changing new rules for corporates in 2011. READ MORE +

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for the month of Aug. 2012
The heat wave gripping many parts of the nation would be more tolerable if it were able to ignite a spark that lifts the economy out of its first-half doldrums. Alas, such a catalyst is hard to find. As the second half of the year gets underway, whatever momentum existed at the start of 2012 appears to have withered on the vine. The job market sputtered badly in the second quarter, generating a third as many jobs as in the first quarter; consumer spending flat-lined in the spring and businesses cut back capital spending plans.  + READ MORE
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