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Lee Butke Be Prepared

Dear Members:

No need to sound the alarm bells and no need to panic, but it is time to be prepared for the need for liquidity; and that means having a written plan. We at Corporate One have found an excellent reference provided by all the federal banking agencies who have issued guidance to provide sound practices for both managing funding and liquidity risk and for strengthening liquidity risk management practices. READ MORE +

Feature Article
Is your credit union serving a money services business?
First in a three-part series covering hot button, risk-related issues facing credit unions

Jennifer Morrison By: Jennifer Morrison, VP, Senior Risk Manager

Keeping members informed of industry practices that can put your credit union at risk is important to us at Corporate One. For that reason, we are introducing a three-part risk series in Solutions covering BSA/AML hot button issues such as money services businesses (MSBs), cross-border activity and third-party payment processors.  READ MORE +
Product News

Learn how to optimize revenue growth with ACH Origination
Still time to register for August 7 live webinar, EPCOR to guest host

August 7 Calendar To help our members learn more about what it takes to offer ACH Origination, Corporate One is offering a live webinar, ACH overview: Why credit unions should be ODFIs. READ MORE +

Build a student loan program with the Smart Option Student Loan® program
New webinar will show you how easy it is to get started

Sallie MaeLooking for a way to attract younger members while easily earning fee income for your credit union? Corporate One built a turnkey partnership with Sallie Mae® nearly four years ago concentrating on the Smart Option Student Loan program. READ MORE +

Cards Corner

Take advantage of the power of marketing with fall debit card growth campaign
Enrollment opens August 1

Amy Macmullen Corporate One, along with its Cards Solutions partner PSCU, is pleased to announce enrollment for the 2014 Fall Usage Campaign opens on August 1, 2014. If you’re a user of Corporate One’s debit cards solution hopefully you have taken advantage of one of our debit card growth campaigns. READ MORE +

For Small Credit Unions

Share Drafts – If not now, when?
Corporate One has a low-volume share draft program for small credit unions

Small CU icon As you probably know, checking/share draft accounts are the first and most important product consumers will use with their financial institution. In fact, in a recent survey, First Data, a leading payments company, found that 82% of consumers have a checking/share draft account with their primary financial institution compared to 50% of consumers with only a savings or money market account. READ MORE +

Industry News

Ohio CU Foundation Classic – “Golfing to Give Back”
Event moved to Bent Tree Golf Club

Ohio CU ClassicCorporate One will be one of the participant sponsors for The Ohio Credit Union Foundation Classic golf event scheduled for Monday, August 11th, 2014 at the Bent Tree Golf Club, located north of Columbus. READ MORE +

Make an impact in Washington
Join your state league for fall Hike the Hill

Several credit union leagues across the U.S. will be making their way to Washington, D.C. for the annual fall Hike the Hill event. The Ohio Credit Union League’s hike takes place Sept., 9-10 with hotel accommodations at the Liaison Capitol Hill. READ MORE +

Western Union announces plans to deliver same-day ACH

The payments field for faster settlement has just expanded with the announcement of Western Union’s plans to introduce a same-day ACH option later this year. READ MORE +

NACHA issues sound business practices for evaluating high-risk bank customers
New resource and other initiatives seek to support financial institutions in mitigating risks associated with high-risk originators and maintaining ACH network quality

NACHA, the Electronic Payments Association, released a new resource to help financial institutions in assessing and monitoring companies that may present a higher than normal risk profile when they initiate ACH transactions. READ MORE +

August Events

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Corporate One Financial Statements

for the month of August 2014
It may be time for the worrywarts to stop fretting about the economy – at least to the extent they have in recent years. Yes, there’s still much not to like. As Federal Reserve Chair Yellen recently testified before Congress, the economy has made great strides this year, but the recovery is still incomplete. It’s hard to refute that assessment. Too many workers have spent long stints on unemployment lines; too many are working part time because they can’t find full-time positions; and too many are simply dropping out of the labor market because of poor job prospects. What’s more, too many workers are living paycheck to paycheck, thanks to stagnant inflation-adjusted earnings.

However real these shortcomings are, they should not over-shadow the progress seen this year. The economy has generated more than 230 thousand jobs a month over the first half of 2014, the most for such a stretch since early 2006. Those strong payroll gains have eased the plight of unemployed as well as underemployed workers, as both have come down in recent months. + READ MORE
Upcoming Events
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  8/20/2014   2:00 PM ET