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Lee Butke Dear Members:

Last month I mentioned Corporate One is turning cash management on its ear – and we are. This month I’m pleased to announce some exciting new cash management account changes, including a new solution to help you succeed: the EZ Sweep account. READ MORE +

Feature Article
Are you ready to attract funding when you need it?

Perry Jones
By: Perry Jones, VP Portfolio Manager

Simple were the days when credit unions could just run an advertisement in the local paper or post a placard in the lobby to raise new deposits or advertise loan specials. Times have changed, and credit unions are increasingly sourcing new advertising channels, such as internet radio, website banners and electronic billboards to attract new depositors. READ MORE +
Product News

Are Money Services Businesses (MSBs) getting a bad rap?

By: Mark Dever, AAP, CAMS

“Treasury Scrutinizes 50 Credit Unions.” This front-page article in the June 6 edition of the Wall Street Journal emphasized the ongoing issues of “high-risk” members and “de-risking” as they relate to the credit union industry. READ MORE +

Valuable new reports available on 8/1 in Member$MART for wire users

MemberSMART logo Beginning August 1, 2015, two new reports will be displayed within Member$MART/eReports for credit union member wire users. READ MORE +

Key investment topics featured in our new on-demand webinar investment library

Get ready for a brand-new resource with our on-demand webinar investments library. The educational webinars created for this library cover key investment topics and are designed to help credit unions of every asset size discover and/or learn more about available investment options. READ MORE +

Opportunity knocks: Take advantage of our term loan specials this summer and fall

A recent article on titled “Warren Buffett’s 9 Tips for Happiness and Success” summarized some of his best advice to young people and graduating classes. READ MORE +

Postponement of DR exercises for August 7

Recently, we informed you that Corporate One would be conducting a disaster recovery exercise on August 7, 2015, as part of efforts to upgrade and consolidate our computing infrastructure. Since then, we have decided to postpone this exercise to a later date, which we have yet to identify. READ MORE +

Cards Corner

Complimentary webinar on August 19: Digital Payments

Calendar icon Everything’s going mobile, and that includes payments. It can be hard to keep up with all the changes to the current payments landscape and the many providers and brands that get introduced to the market. READ MORE +

For Small Credit Unions

Proposed regulatory relief for credit unions under $250 million in assets

Jim GallagherBy: Jim Gallagher, President, MBS

One of the frustrating aspects of running a member business lending CUSO for more than 10 years has been the inability to serve smaller credit unions that want to originate member business loans on an infrequent basis. READ MORE +

Industry News

How will the new ACH return rates affect you?

By: Jen Kirk, AAP, EPCOR’s Director of Industry Relations

One of NACHA’s main strategic focuses is to limit the amount of unnecessary returns in the ACH network. The thought process is that if we reduce unnecessary returns we also decrease unnecessary risk incurred by financial institutions that process ACH. READ MORE +

Corporate One partners with MSCUA and LSCU to offer conference scholarships

If there is one thing this decade’s financial crisis has taught us, it’s that financial literacy is more important than ever. READ MORE +

2015 ACH Audit Workbook now available, emailed to users

As part of Corporate One’s ACH Services offering, we have partnered with EPCOR, one of the nation’s leading regional payments associations, to provide our members access to needed payments industry-related educational, training and operational resources. READ MORE +

BSA OFAC webinar

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There’s a reason why the nation’s six-year-old recovery is still not getting much respect. Despite lasting longer than most postwar upturns, it repeatedly fails to meet expectations. Like Lucy who takes away the football just as Charlie Brown is about to kick it, something always prevents the economy from reaching the goal posts. Nor is it striving to make a 60-yard field goal. Given the erratic and often disappointing growth pattern since the recovery began, policymakers have lowered their objectives. Forget the 3-4 percent growth rate typical of past postwar upturns; the Federal Reserve would be happy to see the economy string together more than two quarters of 2-2 ½ percent growth, something it hasn’t done in five years. In fact, that’s about the new long-term speed limit that the central bank believes the economy can sustain without generating excessive inflation. + READ MORE
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