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Dear Members:

It seems like a day hasn't gone by this month without a headline story highlighting a devastating tornado touching down somewhere in the Plains or Midwest. Earlier this year, we had members in the Florida Panhandle dramatically affected by flooding rains, and now many of those same members are gearing up for this year’s hurricane season. READ MORE +

Feature Article
In the lending business
New, complimentary Lunch & Learns provide liquidity balance sheet strategies and financial highlights

Marcus Wannemacher By: Perry Jones, VP, Portfolio Manager

One of Corporate One’s primary roles as your financial intermediary is to facilitate the flow of liquidity from those who have it to those who need it. However, the last several years have produced largely a one-way flow of funds. Currently, conditions are shifting and the use of external funding by credit unions to finance assets is on the rise.  READ MORE +
Product News

It’s peak college loan season
Start offering Smart Option Student Loans to your members; updated Web content available for participants

Sallie Mae May through September is peak student loan time. With the fall semester just around the corner, students will be applying for loans to help fund their college education. If your credit union is not currently offering a student loan option, then what better time than now to consider the Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan program? READ MORE +

ACH users eligible for resources through EPCOR
Reminder to download complimentary ACH Audit Workbook and/or attend training webinar

Through our partnership with EPCOR, one of the nation’s leading payments associations, Corporate One is proud to offer its ACH users key resources integral to maintaining an effective ACH program. READ MORE +

Make sense of current economic conditions and how future trends could impact your credit union’s bottom line
Quarterly economic update webinar and podcast now available

Understanding the ever-changing trends in our complex economy is vital to the effective management of your credit union. To help you gain a greater understanding of current market conditions, Corporate One invites you to tune in to our 2nd Quarter Economic Update, which is now available. READ MORE +

Preparing for the unexpected

As a hard-hitting tornado season enters the wind-down phase, now enters hurricane season. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) recently released its annual outlook on the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season, forecasting a near-normal or below-normal season. READ MORE +

Cards Corner

Corporate One announces new fraud prevention tool – DefenseEdge
Lower false positives, speeds up prevention

Amy Macmullen Our risk management solutions are second to none. Corporate One leverages neural network technology to examine each real time, incoming authorization for potential fraudulent activity and to determine the likelihood of fraud. We are pleased to announce a new fraud detection tool called the DefenseEdge that will soon be available to our members via our partnership with PSCU. READ MORE +

For Small Credit Unions

Reap the benefits of ACH Origination
New webinar can help you get started

Small CU icon Did you know ACH Origination is one of the most untapped revenue generating resources among credit unions? While most credit unions receive ACH transactions for their members, a much lower amount provide comprehensive programs that also include originating ACH transactions. READ MORE +

Industry News

Independence Day holiday cash ordering reminder

July 4 Due to both the Federal Reserve and Corporate One being closed in observance of Independence Day on Friday, July 4, 2014, you may need to change your cash ordering. READ MORE +

Funnel Accounts and Trade-Based Money Laundering

By: Keturah Dickey, BSA/ALM/OFAC Manager

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has issued an update to advise financial institutions on the increased use of funnel accounts as part of trade-based money laundering conducted by criminal actors following the restrictions on U.S. currency transactions in Mexico. READ MORE +


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May Unaudited
Financial Statements

Corporate One Financial Statements
for the month of July 2014
As the summer season gets underway, the harsh winter is receding further in the rear-view mirror, as are its economic aftershocks. The economy staged a solid – albeit not spectacular – rebound in the spring, and forward-looking indicators are pointing to steady progress over the second half of the year. But the operative word is steady, not breakout, which is what many economists thought would characterize 2014 at the start of the year.

After all, the main reason for optimism remained very much in place, most notably the absence of growth-retarding headwinds that impeded the recovery in recent years. Gone were the confidenceshattering political battles over the debt ceiling and deficit spending. The economic toll taken by the tax increases and sequestration of 2013 ran its course. High debt burdens that crimped spending earlier in the recovery have eased. The sovereign debt crisis that brought on a European recession and threatened to break up the eurozone abated. Finally, there was no repeat of a natural disaster, like the Japanese tsunami that short-circuited global supply chains and stifled production for many months in 2011. + READ MORE
Upcoming Events

Corporate One will be closed on Friday, July 4
in observance of Independence Day.

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