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Lee Butke Back to basics: How to make cash management easy again

We’re creating a more integrated process that is easier, convenient, and profitable with even more competitive investment options, along with competitive rates. READ MORE +

Feature Article
Jennifer Morrison MSBs have credit unions in the headlines

By: Jennifer Morrison, VP, Senior Risk Manager

Credit unions and BSA/AML have spent much of June in the headlines, and it’s not good news. Credit unions are buzzing about the June 2, 2015, Wall Street Journal front page article, "Treasury Scrutinizes Credit Unions." READ MORE +
Product News

Are we approaching the Mendoza Line with loan-to-share ratios?

By: Perry Jones, VP Portfolio Manager

While the growth of loan-to-share ratios is clearly positive, this kind of growth could also put funding pressure on credit unions. READ MORE +

Upcoming disaster recovery events (mock and live)

As we previously communicated, the disaster recovery (DR) exercise Corporate One originally planned for May had to be postponed. We have rescheduled this DR exercise for
Friday, August 7, 2015. READ MORE +

Foreign check collection process and pricing changes

In April, we informed credit unions of our efforts to streamline and update our foreign item collection process, optimizing efficiencies so we can offer you a quicker turn around on these items. READ MORE +

Complimentary funding strategies webinar
on July 28

July 28 calendar Join us for a new funding strategies seminar to learn how Corporate One’s credit lines and loan products are evolving and how your credit union can conveniently access funding from us. READ MORE +

Consider an advised line of credit for easily accessible funding options

With a line of credit from Corporate One, credit unions are able to leverage a host of competitive funding options. READ MORE +

Cards Corner

Joining our new Clique makes everything just “click” for credit unions

Clique Last month we launched Clique, a new brand for our cards programs to help credit unions better understand the value it brings them. READ MORE +

Patty's Corner

BSA/AML and OFAC training from Corporate One

By: Patty Matthews, Corporate Trainer

Did you know that the value of our BSA/AML and OFAC training is so awesome that it’s blowing people’s minds? Well it is, and I’ll explain why. READ MORE +

For Small Credit Unions

Anyone can (and should) be an Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI)

By: Jen Kirk, AAP, EPCOR’s director of industry relations

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard, “We are just too small to be an ODFI!” I am of the belief that any credit union can (and should) consider originating ACH transaction. READ MORE +

Miscellaneous News

Compatibility view and “trusted site” reminders

To ensure that you always receive critical emails from Corporate One and that our ACH, OneWire and MembersOnly online systems display properly, remember to add the following addresses to the “trusted sites” section of your browser. READ MORE +

BSA OFAC webinar

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for the month of
July 2015
The U.S. economy reached a milestone of sorts last month, as the recovery from the Great Recession hit the six-year mark in June. There’s been more than the usual share of bumps along the way, but the upturn always regained its footing. The last pothole was traversed in the first quarter, when the terrible winter plus a West Coast port strike briefly knocked the recovery off the rails. True to form, growth resumed in the second quarter, although the rebound has been more subdued than policy makers would have liked. Indeed, even with a decent growth rate for the period of about 3 percent, which many expect,, growth for the entire first half of the year would fall short of the 2.2 percent average pace over the six years since the recovery began, which itself is about half the normal growth rate seen in previous postwar upturns. Yet the Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates before the year’s end, a prospect that has raised barely any alarms. + READ MORE
Upcoming Events
  7/28/2015   2:00 PM ET
  8/26/2015 - 8/27/2015   1:00 PM ET