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Dear Member:
Each month in the Solutions newsletter, I write about the happenings at Corporate One and/or the credit union network. And each month, I usually conclude my articles with heartfelt thanks to our members for their continued support. This month, however, I want to start with a “thank you” because we at Corporate One have so much for which to be grateful, as we are currently asking so much of our members and their staffs as we grow and strengthen our corporate.   READ MORE +

Feature Article
Strengthened security, updated main menu coming to MemberView® in April
Users should note slight adjustment to login steps

By: Marcus Wannemacher, VP, Operations

Marcus Wannemacher Headshot As part of our ongoing efforts to provide superior member service and financial services solutions to our members, we will be enhancing the security around MemberView and providing a more streamlined and resourceful main menu landing page. As a reminder, these changes will go live on Monday, April 9, 2012. To ensure all changes are made successfully, MemberView will be unavailable beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET on Friday, April, 6, 2012, until Sunday, April 8 at midnight. Home banking Imaging will be the only product available all weekend.   READ MORE +
Product News

Don't forget to test connectivity to Corporate One’s new IP addresses
Members who test have the chance to win a Kindle, Kindle Fire or iPad2

Kindle Touch In March, Corporate One informed all members that we would be modernizing our data center (which houses the servers with all of our system and member information) so we can continue to provide you the solutions that you have come to expect from us. As a result of this change, Corporate One’s IP addresses will also be changing. All members need to add our new IP addresses to their firewall configurations and test their connectivity by April 6, 2012, to ensure that our computer systems can continue to “talk” to one another once we make the migration.  READ MORE +

Corporate One audited financials now available
Yearly successes to be reviewed at Annual Meeting on April 25, all members welcome

Corporate One’s 2011 audited financial statements are now available. We have received an unqualified opinion from our auditors, Crowe Horwath LLP, and are proud to be among the first corporates to have completed audited financials for our members to review. READ MORE + 

Visa and MasterCard currently enrolling for spring 2012 incentive campaigns
Don't forget to sign-up by April 30

Visa Mastercard As a reminder to ATM/Debit users, both Visa and MasterCard are currently enrolling for spring 2012 rebate campaigns, providing incentives for increased signature debit and issuance during the specified campaign period. The deadline for enrollment is April 30 and is complimentary for participating credit unions.  READ MORE + 

Industry News

Changes coming to processing U.S. Savings Bonds, U.S. Treasury to begin clearing bonds electronically in April
EZ Clear being decommissioned, patch available for ACE users to process items as "work type 2"

Redeeming U.S. savings bonds is about to get a lot easier. Beginning April 16, the U.S. Treasury is going to allow savings bonds to be cleared electronically, making redeeming these items more efficient for your credit union to process. Gone will be the days of keeping savings bonds separate for physical paper redemption or online processing through the EZ Clear program. Now, your credit union will be able to process these items just the same as any other share draft/check being presented for collection in your cash letter. READ MORE +

New Consumer Protection Financial Bureau ruling could affect many credit unions
Amendment to Regulation E to be implemented Feb. 2013

The Consumer Protection Financial Bureau recently published a final rule regarding remittance transfers that may apply to most credit unions, as it governs all outgoing international wire transfers and international ACH transactions. The rule applies to any institution that provides international remittance services. Up to now, Federal consumer protection rules have not applied to most of these transfers. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act changes that by requiring the Bureau to issue rules on remittance transfers. READ MORE +


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2011 Audited
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With the arrival of spring, hope is in the air for the U.S. economy. Indeed, optimism has been building throughout the winter thanks, in good part, to a winter season that had far fewer "dark" days than usual. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, this was the fourth warmest winter on record, dating back 117 years. Aside from lifting the spirits of the cold huddled masses, mild weather brings out early shoppers, stimulates construction and generates sales of goods and services linked to outdoor activities. Put simply, the glow of warmth was at least partly responsible for the stronger-than-expected economic reports in recent months.  + READ MORE
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