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Attention ACH professionals:
Corporate One announces ACH Services Advisory Council

Would you like to have a say in the future of your corporate’s ACH service, while collaborating with other ACH professionals and learning the latest ACH updates and happenings? Corporate One is pleased to announce the formation of the Corporate One ACH Services Advisory Council, to assist us in further development, enhancement and growth of our ACH Services programs. The role of the ACH Advisory Council is to review system changes, regulatory updates, market conditions and to participate in roundtable discussions in an effort to ensure that Corporate One’s ACH Services continue to provide maximum value to our membership.

Corporate One will accept applications for 10 ACH professionals to serve on the ACH Advisory Council. Minimum requirements to serve on the Council include being an existing user of both Corporate One’s ACH Receipt and Origination solutions, experience in processing ACH transactions for select employee groups (SEGs) and/or small businesses. International ACH Transactions (IAT) experience also is preferred.

Participation in the ACH Advisory Council will require participation in approximately four meetings a year; three online meetings and possibly one in-person. Participants must be able to commit to attend meetings and cover any travel-related expenses.

Advisory Council meetings will provide participants education and regulatory updates from Corporate One’s ACH team members and from professionals from EPCOR, our partner in promoting ACH literacy. EPCOR is devoted to providing timely and relevant payments education and support to our members to help them maintain compliance, improve operational processes, and mitigate risk and fraud. They will be assisting us in keeping participants updated on the ACH environment.

In the coming weeks, Corporate One will be communicating with each of our member CEO’s asking for recommendations for our ACH Advisory Council. Each applicant will be asked to complete an application and 10 participants will be selected that provide the Council with an experienced and diverse group of participants/credit unions.

Check with your CEO/Manager in the coming weeks for more information about Corporate One’s ACH Services Advisory Council. If you have questions in the meantime, contact Corporate One’s VP of Product Management, Barb Marrero, at or 866/MyCorp1, ext. 9324.