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From the CEO
March 29, 2013

Dear Members:

As March comes to a close, Corporate One has already made significant headway in its plans to complete the internal integration of our operations and systems with those of the former Southeast Corporate. Many of our members have already taken part in projects that streamlined users of OneWire, Vault Services and Safekeeping onto a single platform. Further, we just announced our new Deposit Return Services solution, which automates the chargeback process, to members. I’m proud of this progress, and thank our members for working with us as we strive to further strengthen and enhance our organization to endure successfully over the long-term.

Orange Barrel

Now that we’re in the midst of turning the merger into a reality on the member-side of things, it may help you to start thinking of Corporate One, like I do — “under construction,” and building a stronger corporate. As we continue to move forward with our integration plans, there is no doubt we will continue to stir up a little dust, and you will see some orange barrels as we work through the major effort to bring about significant efficiencies and growth. To help you stay on top of communications that address important integration news, please be on the lookout for our “orange barrel” communications as this will be our way to alert you to future changes as well as to inform you of the progress we are making.

Many of the valuable synergies and opportunities the merger with Southeast Corporate presents for Corporate One and its members include maximizing efficiencies, creating even greater purchasing power through larger aggregated volumes and enhancing our solution offerings for credit unions. These are strategic synergies that will underscore the stability of Corporate One’s long-term viability, while creating opportunities for credit unions to remain competitive, enhance revenue and strengthen membership. As we look ahead to the remainder of the year, we have plans to make enhancements to share drafts, our Check 21 and merchant solutions, our member account management portal, and our new credit union service organizations (CUSOs), Accolade and Member Business Solutions (MBS). So, please stay tuned for orange barrel communications on those efforts as they come about.

Should you have questions about the work we are doing or any of the upcoming changes, please don’t hesitate to contact me, your Membership Relationship Manager (MRM) or Member Services. We know you will have some questions, so please lean on us when you need us. You can contact me at 866/MyCorp1, ext. 9300 or To reach your MRM or Member Services, please call 866/MyCorp1 or 800/342-0203.

Thank you,
Lee C. Butke