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Dear Members:
Corporate One understands that part of the value we provide to our members is through on-going training and education. Our experts on staff work diligently to create opportunities for our members to grow in their understanding of our solutions, be informed on the latest industry trends and changes and most importantly, have the tools to help their credit union succeed. READ MORE +

Feature Article
SimpliCD Issuance provides an effective secondary liquidity source for credit unions
Total credit union share certificate issuance topped $678 million in 2013

By: Bob Post, VP, Chief Investment Officer

Jennifer MorrisonRecently, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) issued a final rule requiring board-approved liquidity plans for all credit unions; contingency funding plans for most credit unions; and, a federal liquidity source for the largest credit unions. The new rule recognizes the important role liquidity management plays in the safety and soundness of the credit union network and strives to increase resiliency for our network in the event of significant market stress.  READ MORE +
Product News

Disaster recovery/business continuity exercises coming on April 25
NEW DR IP addresses to use. Please validate your credit union’s FTP and firewall settings in advance to ensure continuity of services.

Corporate One will be conducting our annual NCUA-mandated disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity exercise for the Jacksonville, FL data center on Friday, April 25, 2014. As a result of our change to a new data center since our last DR exercise, the IP addresses are new for all users who transmit share draft and/or Vsoft branch/merchant capture files.  READ MORE +

Save the date - Annual BSA/OFAC training on May 28 & 29
Registration now open

Corporate One invites you to take advantage of our annual Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) training, specifically designed to help credit unions fulfill their yearly regulatory requirement for training. READ MORE +

Save the date - Complimentary EMV Workshop coming to Columbus, OH in May

The introduction of EMV chip-enabled payment cards marks a major change for the future payments landscape. The new standard, which replaces the traditional mag-stripe cards with chip-enabled cards, is an important move toward worldwide integrated card operations and is a key initiative in the fight against payment fraud. READ MORE +

Make sense of current economic conditions and how future trends could impact your credit union’s bottom line
Quarterly economic update webinar and podcast now available

Understanding the ever-changing trends in our complex economy is vital to the effective management of your credit union. To help you gain a greater understanding of current market conditions, Corporate One invites you to tune in to our 1st Quarter Economic Update webinar, which is now available. READ MORE +

Three Simple Ways to Reduce Your Bond/Insurance Costs Webinar

Lockton With credit unions facing a historically low interest rate environment, the need to examine operating expenses is more important than ever. To help you gain a better understanding of Corporate One’s Insurance and Bond Services solution, and to learn about new ways to reduce expenses, we invite you to attend this complimentary webinar on Wed., April 23, 2014, from 2:00 - 2:30 p.m. ET.  READ MORE +

Reminder: Revitalize Your ALCO seminars coming to a city near you

Accolade Please join Accolade and Corporate One as we discuss the ALCO (Asset Liability Committee) process through an interactive study of a mock credit union. We will review the credit union's financial statement, analyze interest rate risk report data, and formulate strategies as we conduct a mock ALCO meeting. We’ll be hosting several sessions in April and May in Ohio and California.

Cards Corner

Finally, new fraud prevention technology for cards is on the horizon with EMV

Amy Macmullen The world of payments is evolving. We are finally starting to see an evolution from typical static magnetic stripes cards to more intelligent devices such as EMV chip cards and NFC (Near Field Communication) mobile phones. EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, the developers of the technology's standards. READ MORE +

For Small Credit Unions

Investments 101 Boot Camp
Expand your investment knowledge and strategies to build a stronger portfolio

Small CU icon Corporate One is pleased to announce a new educational opportunity geared to small credit unions to help expand your knowledge of investment opportunities available beyond certificates, and to help build a potentially stronger investment portfolio that earns a higher yield. READ MORE +

Industry News

Join us at inVest48 and for our 2014 Annual Meeting

inVest48 InVest48, presented by the Ohio Credit Union League, is just around the corner on April 8-9. We look forward to seeing our Ohio members during this convention, which takes place at the Hilton Columbus, (OH) Downtown, and invite you to stop by our booth #300/302 during exhibit hall hours to visit with us.  READ MORE +


Quarterly Economic Update Webinar


as of 4/1/14

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February Unaudited
Financial Statements

Corporate One Financial Statements
for the month of Apr. 2014
Now that spring has sprung, policy makers should play more of a role in determining the fate of the economy than meteorologists. But the removal of weather-related disruptions, which had a pronounced impact on activity over the winter, does not guarantee predictability. The economy can be buffeted by a multitude of forces beyond the control of the Federal Reserve or Congress, such as oil shocks and geopolitical events. Their impact, in turn, depends at least in part on how vulnerable the economy is when they occur. The sturdier things are, the better the chances that the nation can weather the storm. When things are shaky, however, any confidence- shattering event can easily choke off growth and bring on a recession.

Looking over the global landscape, there are a number of simmering points of tension. The most headline-grabbing recent event is the upheaval in Ukraine, which is straining relations between Russia, the U.S. and our European allies. Economically, Europe has much more at stake if tensions reach a boiling point than the U.S.; Russia is a major export market for Europe as well as an important supplier of natural gas to the region. But any shock to the European economy would certainly spill over to the U.S., either through direct trade flows or heightened currency volatility that could upset the financial markets. Then there is the more mundane threat of a slowing Chinese economy, the world’s second largest. China is an important trade partner with the U.S. and its impact here would be amplified by the global repercussions that an abrupt slowdown in that vast nation would bring about. Indeed, the greaterthan- expected weakness in Chinese exports and production in February sent a jolt through the U.S. financial markets in mid-March, causing a sharp fall in commodity prices and heightening fears of deflation. + READ MORE
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