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Lee Butke Rising Rates and Liquidity: What you should know about your Corporate?

One crucial lesson that credit unions and corporates learned from the financial crisis of the last several years is that it may be easy to trust, but it’s critical to verify. Performing due diligence on critical vendors, even if you own them, is an absolute must anymore. READ MORE +

Feature Article
Investment insights for today’s marketplace: callable and non-callable securities

Bob Post By: Bob Post, Chief Financial Officer

Offering our member credit unions sound investment options is one of the primary goals of our investment department, which is why a big focus of our Investments 101 boot camps and market update seminars is the presentation of investment strategies that are timely with regards to the current market environment. READ MORE +
Product News

Finding valuable solutions in ACH Origination for member business accounts

A focus on growing credit union market share in ACH Origination for business members has resonated well with members of Corporate One. READ MORE +

BSA/AML and OFAC webinar: Don’t miss out on our early-bird deals!

The early bird catches the worm, or in this case, a special registration discount. Corporate One Federal Credit Union invites you to take advantage of early-bird registration deals for our annual Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) training, specifically designed to help credit unions fulfill their yearly regulatory requirement for training. READ MORE +

Read all about it: Upcoming enhancements to Alaska USA Trust Reporter

Beginning on May 4, Alaska USA will be upgrading the Trust Reporter user interface, making it even easier for our member credit unions to navigate. READ MORE +

Reaping the benefits of the Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan Program

Sallie Mae logo We are pleased to provide our credit unions with a private student loan referral program through a partnership with Sallie Mae. With today's college costs, federal financial aid is often not enough for a family to cover the full cost of higher education.  READ MORE +

NEW! Check out four educational webinars from EPCOR, plus industry updates

We love being able to provide our members with complimentary ongoing education and training opportunities, which is why we have partnered with EPCOR to produce four brand new educational webinars we hope you’ll take advantage of. READ MORE +

Register now: the 6th Annual Small Business Summit is just one month away

MBS logo It’s almost time for you to pack your bags and join us in Charleston’s charming Historic District for the MBS 6th CU Small Business Summit, May 4-6. READ MORE +

Cards Corner

Have you taken your portfolio’s pulse lately?

By: Amy MacMullen, AVP, Card Products/Product Specialists

Amy Macmullen It’s important to have a clear picture of your portfolio’s health. The Corporate One debit and credit programs offer a great web tool to easily access key performance metrics: Performance One. READ MORE +

For Small Credit Unions

Four “mentorship” resources to help you get more connected

Small CU icon If you’re a small credit union, you’re probably juggling a lot of roles and wearing a lot of hats. Sometimes you might even feel like a “jack-of-all-trades.” On one hand, this versatility is great because you can get to know your members quite well. READ MORE +

Patty's Corner

Introducing “Patty’s Corner”
Because corporate training doesn’t have to put you to sleep

By: Patty Matthews, Corporate Trainer

Welcome to Patty’s Corner, a bi-monthly feature highlighting the latest and greatest professional development opportunities and training tips. I’m Patty Matthews, corporate trainer at Corporate One, and I’ll be your guide as we journey through the exciting world of professional training and development. READ MORE +

Industry News

Discount for ACH Services users to EPCOR’s 2015 spring payments conference

We would like to invite you to take advantage of attending EPCOR’s 2015 spring payments conference, May 20-22, at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Columbus. READ MORE +

Save the date(s) for our 2015 Annual Meeting and the Ohio League Convention

4-20-2015 Our 2015 Annual Meeting* is being held on April 20 at 7:30 p.m. in the George Bellows Ballroom at the Hilton Columbus Downtown. Please join us as we review our successes in 2014, release our 2014 Annual Report and outline our vision for the future. READ MORE +

Corporate One SVP and COO Kay Moon Unanimously Elected to EPCOR Board of Directors

ECPOR’s Chief Executive Officer Ann-Marie Bartels, AAP, announced that Corporate One’s SVP and COO Kay Moon was unanimously appointed to EPCOR’s board of directors. Moon’s term began March 9, 2015. READ MORE +

Important tips on managing cyber-risk and BSA/AML

By: Jennifer Morrison, VP, Senior Risk Manager

Cyber-crimes and security breaches seem to be everywhere these days. Target. Sony. Anthem. JPMorgan Chase. And now there is news from Kaspersky that a Russian-speaking gang of computer criminals stole millions of dollars (since late 2013) from banks in Russia, Eastern Europe and the U.S. What is a BSA/AML officer to do?

Sallie Mae webinars

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April 2015
The Ides of March has come and gone and it looks like the economy survived another brutal blow from Mother Nature. To be sure, frigid temperatures in the Midwest and copious snowfalls throughout the Northeast, including a record of almost 109 inches in Boston, carved a deep pothole in the recovery road. Following a period of robust growth last summer and fall, the unseasonable blast of harsh winter weather cooled the economy off considerably as the calendar turned to 2015, crimping household spending on autos and homes as well as other weather-sensitive activities, such as construction. The setback is eerily similar to the experience last year, when the economy was also battered and bruised by winter storms.

But just as the economy came roaring back in 2014 once the weather turned more hospitable, there is every reason to expect a rebound in coming months. The frigid temperatures and snowfall that shuttered consumers in also created pent-up demand even as incomes continued to grow. The personal savings rate increased from 4.5 to 5.5 percent between November and January, providing more firepower for spending in coming months. Meanwhile, the job market continued to heat up, generating fatter paychecks that will nourish consumption. While gasoline prices turned up slightly in February, the plunge over the previous eight months has yet to be fully transmitted to the spending stream. What’s more, the global oil glut continues to grow, raising the odds of more price declines. + READ MORE
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