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Dear Members:

I wanted to provide you an update regarding the merger between Corporate One and Southeast Corporate as we continue to progress full steam ahead. Just one week ago, the members of Southeast Corporate Federal Credit Union officially voted in favor of the proposed merger with Corporate One.  READ MORE +
Feature Article
Users praise Training Certification Program convenience, underscoring why it's successful
By: Hillarie Michaels and Liz Sauer, Corporate One's Training and Events team

melissa_ashley_2010_83x100 Corporate One's Training Certification Program (TCP)  continues to be utilized successfully by our member credit unions. As we approach the half-year mark, we've already had several credit unions become certified in at least one level of the TCP as well as a significant number of credit union staff complete at least one or more trainings.   READ MORE +
Product News

Key Corporate One partner, PSCU has strong 2011
Issued $25.4 million dividend, Corporate One member credit unions earned $230,000

                          We Corporate One's partner on our comprehensive cards program, PSCU, recently announced a dividend issuance of $25.4 million to its members for 2011, up from last year's dividend of $24.1 million. As a result of our partnership with PSCU for an enhanced cards solution for credit unions, more than 70 Corporate One members on our ATM/debit solution collected a combined $230,000 in dividend payments and benefits, up more than 425 percent from last year. In addition to the patronage dividend, Corporate One members have also earned more than $25,000 in rebate incentives and growth campaigns, reinforcing the power of this partnership. READ MORE +

It's a brave new world: Corporate One on Twitter, YouTube

Corporate One has officially taken the plunge into the world of social media with the launch of our Twitter account as well as with the establishment of our very own YouTube channel. Of course, we'll still be calling and writing to you, as well as posting information on our Web site and in MemberView®. Twitter and YouTube are just additional outlets for us to communicate to you key information about your corporate, the solutions we provide you and happenings within the credit union industry.  READ MORE +

Sallie Mae program has another successful quarter
2012 disbursements outpacing 2011 numbers

Sallie MaeCorporate One is pleased to report our student lending solution, the Smart Option Student Loan™ offered through Sallie Mae, started 2012 with a bang.  First quarter results show $1.4 million in student loans were disbursed during the quarter, with credit union participants earning more than $14,000 in referral income. There are currently 172 credit unions signed up for the program. READ MORE +

Grow and maximize your card portfolio with Corporate One Card Solutions
Learn more at one of our June Info Sessions

Corporate One Federal Credit Union has a comprehensive nationwide cards program for small and mid-sized credit unions. Our card solutions provide credit unions with singular or integrated ATM/Debit, Credit and Pre-paid programs that enhance credit union revenue and member satisfaction, while minimizing the amount of work it takes to manage a more complex program. READ MORE +

Learn more about the Federated Government Ultrashort Duration Fund on an upcoming webinar

Corporate One's newest investment offering, the Federated Government Ultrashort Duration Fund , specifically the Institutional Shares or IS, is a short-term investment option that may potentially help your credit union earn above overnight market rates on its excess cash.  READ MORE +

Industry News
Corporate One announces 2012 Board of Directors
Board officers also appointed

Three members were announced to the Corporate One Federal Credit Union board of directors at its annual meeting in late April. Phillip Buell, CEO of Superior FCU in Lima, Ohio; Robert Burrow, CEO/President of Bayer Heritage FCU in Proctor, WV; and, R. Lee Powell, Jr., CEO of DESCO FCU in Portsmouth, OH, were re-elected to three-year terms. READ MORE +

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Like a bad penny, the European debt crisis has become a never-ending nightmare that poses a persistent threat to the U.S. and world economy. As this is written, speculation is rampant over whether Greece will ultimately withdraw, either voluntarily or forcibly, from Europe's currency union, as it's unlikely that the beleaguered country will be able to meet the stern fiscal-austerity conditions imposed by the EU. Until this Grecian drama reaches its final act, the financial markets will remain vulnerable to wild speculative gyrations and policy decisions will be held hostage to unknown risks.

Upcoming Events
  Card Solutions Town Hall Meetings - 10 a.m. ET  6/26 or 6/28/2012
  Federated Government Ultrashort Duration Fund Webinar -
3 p.m. ET