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Corporate One honored with 2014 Marquis Award
Recognized for leadership in the advancement of ACH among credit unions

Dear Members:

It brings me great pride to report Corporate One was honored by EPCOR, one of the nation’s leading payments associations, with the 2014 Marquis Award. This award is presented annually to an individual or organization that has demonstrated leadership in the implementation, advancement or awareness of ACH payments; or has exhibited long-standing support to the EPCOR mission. READ MORE +

Feature Article
Is same-day ACH inevitable?
By: Marcus Wannemacher, VP, Operations

Marcus WannemacherACH rules have always required originated transactions carry a settlement date in the future. This process has provided financial institutions the time to assess risk and anticipate funding needs, especially for those that allow businesses to originate transactions. Unfortunately, advances in transferring money have made next-day availability of ACH funds seem slow.  READ MORE +
Product News

Updates being made to two share draft transaction descriptions/codes

An update is being made to two share draft transaction descriptions/codes on June 21, 2014. This update will result in a slight change for those users who are on Corporate One’s traditional share draft platform, but not for those who came from the Southeast Corporate platform. READ MORE +

Still time register for Cleveland and Toledo ACH Origination seminars taking place in June
Discover what you need to know to develop a robust ACH Origination program at complimentary seminars

Please join us and learn more about ACH Origination, including how your credit union can build its own ACH Origination infrastructure. Our discussion, facilitated in partnership with a representative from payments association EPCOR, will focus on how you can establish a robust, integrated ACH offering and effectively compete in today's marketplace. READ MORE +

Deepen your knowledge on cyber and privacy liability during upcoming webinar
Thursday, June 19 | 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. ET

Lockton Logo Learn what to do to reduce your credit union's risk associated with doing business in the "cyber" age during this upcoming new Webinar, “Privacy Liability & Cyber Risk - How to Transfer Exposure through Insurance.” The webinar is being presented by Corporate One’s Insurance and Risk Management Solutions partner, Lockton. READ MORE +

Cards Corner

What is the Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX)?
New payments technology continues to evolve, but strong cards programs can thrive in competition

Amy Macmullen The world of payments technology is constantly evolving. In the Cards Corner appearing in the March issue of Solutions, I discussed the new EMV chip cards that are set to replace the static magnetic strip cards in 2015. With that new technology announced, Corporate One, along with PSCU held its first EMV seminar earlier this month to help credit unions mitigate their cards program to the new EMV technology. Just as we got members educated on EMV, increased hype has surfaced about a new payments player, mobile wallets, most notably being created by Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX).  READ MORE +

For Small Credit Unions

Learning centered on Corporate One solutions available at your fingertips
Help us improve our program by answering a few quick questions

By: Patty Matthews, Corporate Trainer

Small CU icon Corporate One understands that part of the value we provide to our members is through on-going training and education. Our knowledgeable staff works diligently to create opportunities for our members to grow their skills as well as have the tools to help their credit union succeed. READ MORE +

Industry News

Visit us at the Southeast Credit Union Conference & Expo next month in Orlando

LSCU Corporate One is proud to sponsor the LSCU’s Southeast Credit Union Conference & Expo taking place June 11-14, 2014. We look forward to seeing our Florida and Alabama members during this convention, which takes place at the JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes in Orlando, FL.  READ MORE +

June Events

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for the month of June 2014
Policy makers are constantly rethinking the economic outlook, prompted by new data that often deviates from expectations. The same goes for business leaders and investors who have skin in the game and, hence, much at stake if expectations are not met. But when the data are distorted by temporary external events, such as unusual weather conditions, the challenge is to sort out the substance from the noise and find a sustainable trend. That’s not an easy task, particularly when – as is currently the case – the noise is amplified by new shocks, like mounting tensions in Ukraine, slowing growth in China and a deflation threat in Europe. For the most part, U.S. policy makers are sticking with the outlook made at the start of the year and reaffirmed in the spring. + READ MORE
Upcoming Events
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