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Lee Butke So, What Have We Done For You Lately? Let Me Tell You.

Today, consumers are always asking, “What have you done for me lately?” In an increasing competitive business world, consumers demand more from those they do business with, and successful businesses must respond with innovative, efficient and effective solutions. At your corporate, it’s no different. We expect, and want, our member/owners to demand more of us. READ MORE +

Feature Article
Forward-looking, ALLL predictive models are the wave of the future

Joe Ghammashi By: Joe Ghammashi, Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer
Board Chairman, CEO of Accolade Asset/Liability Management

Offering our member credit unions sound investment options is one of the primary goals of our investment department, which is why a big focus of our Investments 101 boot camps and market update seminars is the presentation of investment strategies that are timely with regards to the current market environment. READ MORE +
Product News

BSA/AML and OFAC webinar early-bird pricing extended

June 30 is the new, extended deadline for early-bird pricing on individual and group registrations for our annual Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) training. READ MORE +

Beat the heat and dive into liquidity with us this summer

Summer is right around the corner, and it’s the season when credit unions often get overheated with concern about the strain on liquidity resources. READ MORE +

Aim for a stress-free summer with proper liquidity testing and maintenance

PJonesBy: Perry Jones, VP Portfolio Manager

Since before the new liquidity regulation became effective in March of 2014, credit unions have diligently worked to develop and implement liquidity policies and contingency funding plans or revise and test pre-existing policies and plans. READ MORE +

Join us to discuss Same Day ACH: Implementation best practices

6-23-2015 Getting up to speed on the ever-changing payments landscape is more important than ever. NACHA’s voting membership has approved their Same Day ACH proposal, which means that same-day transaction capability will be phasing in as early as September 2016. READ MORE +

ACH business origination promotion extended through December 2015

One of the untapped benefits of ACH services is the opportunity for credit unions to strengthen their relationships with business members and Select Employee Groups (SEGs). READ MORE +

Cards Corner

Hurry up and wait: the debit EMV journey

Matt ColeBy: Matt Cole, PSCU Member Development Executive

If you’ve traveled via airplane recently, you can appreciate the controlled chaos that goes on in an airport. If you’re like me, you have to be early to your gate, just in case something happens. READ MORE +

Patty's Corner

Because you need mental exercise as much as physical exercise

By: Patty Matthews, Corporate Trainer

Bust out your workout gear because nice weather is finally here. The arrival of spring and summer tends to pull us off the couch and push us out the door into healthier activities to tone and firm all the stuff that turned to jelly during the winter months. READ MORE +

Industry News

PSCU certified for debit EMV: Credit unions go live in June

Corporate One’s strategic partner for cards solutions through Clique, PSCU, recently announced it is the first credit union service organization (CUSO) certified to issue debit cards with EMV chip card technology on First Data’s Debit Solutions platform. READ MORE +

Top 5 things to do in 2015 to prepare for Same Day ACH

By: Jen Kirk, AAP, EPCOR’s Director of Industry Relations

On May 18, NACHA’s voting membership approved a new rule on Same Day ACH. This rule will be implemented in three phases. Phase one goes into effect September 2016, and there is plenty your credit union can do now to prepare for this epic change.READ MORE +

Keys to a compliant BSA/AML program

By: Jennifer Morrison, VP, Senior Risk Manager JMorrison

BSA/AML compliance professionals can often state the “four pillars” or “four tenets” of a BSA/AML program by heart.

Visit us at the LSCU annual conference, June 17-19

Corporate One is proud to once again be the Platinum Sponsor for the League of Southeastern Credit Unions (LSCU) conference, June 17-19. READ MORE +


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We’d like to say the economy is moving two steps forward and one step back, a pattern that would generate an erratic but impressive growth over time. But the sum of the gains made during this recovery – now nearly six years old – has been anything impressive. Compared to previous upturns, just about every key measure of economic performance has fallen short—far short. That includes the cumulative growth in output, incomes, jobs, business investment, housing and personal consumption. Since 1960, none of the seven recoveries has suffered more than one quarterly contraction in real GDP; this one has seen three, assuming revised figures erased the slim 0.2 percent increase initially reported for the first quarter. To be sure, all three of the setbacks during the current recovery can be blamed on extraneous factors – the Japanese tsunami that disrupted supply chains in the first quarter of 2011, extremely cold and snowy weather in the first quarter of 2014 and weather again along with a West Coast port strike in the first quarter of this year. The point is, when an economy is cruising at a slower pace than it should, it is more vulnerable to outside shocks. + READ MORE
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