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Constructing our futureDear Members:
I am one of those people who is motivated and excited by achieving both small short-term accomplishments and long term goals. In fact, I set goals for almost everything I do and I savor the moments when I complete an item on my list. So, in the spirit of checking things off lists, I want to share with you some of the recent accomplishments we’ve made toward completing the integration of Southeast Corporate, and let you know what’s coming next.  READ MORE +

Feature Article
New core platform offers up-to-date interface over MemberView® with a cleaner look and more intuitive usability

By: Melissa A. Ashley, SVP, CFO

In December, Corporate One will upgrade its core loan and deposit system to take advantage of a newer version of the system we acquired through our merger with the former Southeast Corporate. After more than one year of operating out of two core systems, we are prepared to realize the efficiencies of converting to one system, including more streamlined operations and more comprehensive member support. With this change, Corporate One is moving some functionality, including cash management, settlement activities and reporting, from MemberView to a new front-end application called Member$MART.   READ MORE +
Product News

Important tip: Importing ACH Return files speeds up processing time, more streamlined process

Corporate One wants to reach out to you regarding our ACH Services Return file processing. You may not be aware, but there are actually two processes for Return or Notification of Change (NOC) processing. Many ACH users are manually keying in their Return or NOC trace number into the system, then entering the Return Reason Code or in the case of an NOC – the Change Code.  READ MORE +

New ACH Origination seminars announced
Discover what you need to know to develop a robust ACH Origination program at this complimentary seminar

Effectively compete in today's marketplace by establishing an integrated Automated Clearing House (ACH) service that includes ACH Origination. ACH Origination is beneficial to credit unions for several reasons. First, it can help your credit union attract new members and grow business accounts by offering direct deposit, payroll services, monthly bill pay and more.  READ MORE +

New viewing times available for share draft images for members on the Corporate One platform

Corporate One is excited to announce we have made an enhancement to the availability of share draft images. Share draft images are now available daily between 2:30-3:00 p.m. ET. Previously, share draft images were not available until 6:00 p.m. ET.  READ MORE +

Last chance to register for “Navigating your Balance Sheet through a Changing Financial Environment” workshops

Please join us and learn how to utilize your Asset/Liability Management (ALM) process to improve your return on assets (ROA). During this event we will cover balance sheet management, interest rate risk and portfolio management. READ MORE +

Cards Corner

Cards provide a great opportunity for credit unions to serve their business members while earning revenue

Amy Macmullen Did you know one in ten credit union members is a small business owner? Is your credit union reaching your small business members’ financial needs? Our cards partner, PSCU, reports that the small business category is the fastest growing segment of the U.S. economy and accounts for one-third of all expenditures by businesses in the U.S. READ MORE +

For Small Credit Unions

Introducing a new monthly feature in Solutions for small credit unions
This month we explore investment strategies
By: Bob Post, Chief Investment Officer

April 8, 2014 icon Corporate One is pleased to announce a new monthly feature to our Solutions newsletter directed to our small credit union members. Each month we'll discuss an array of industry topics and tactics to help our smaller members grow, be more profitable and create stronger relationships with their membership. For this month’s feature, we’re going to look at investment strategies targeted to small credit unions.  READ MORE +

Industry News

November holidays cash ordering reminder

Due to both the Federal Reserve and Corporate One being closed in observance of Veterans Day on Monday, November 11 and for Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, Nov. 28, 2013, you may need to change your cash ordering.  READ MORE +

Join us! Upcoming league convention in Alabama

The League of Southeastern Credit Unions Leadership Development Conference is just around the corner on Nov. 5-8. We look forward to seeing our Alabama and Florida members during this convention, which takes place at the Grand Hotel Marriott in Point Clear, Alabama.  READ MORE +

FFIEC: Plan ahead for change in Windows XP support
April 8, 2014 icon
Microsoft is discontinuing support for the Windows XP operating system after April 8, 2014, which could present operational risks to financial institution technology service providers (TSPs) and activities supported by other third parties.  READ MORE +

MemberView to MemberSmart transition

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Corporate One Financial Statements

for the month of Nov. 2013
It's time to give a hearty "welcome back" to the green shades in Washington, the folks responsible for shining a light on what's happening in the U.S. economy. After groping in the dark during the ill-advised 16-day shutdown that ended October 16, the data gatherers are belatedly releasing some economic reports, providing us with a glimpse into how the economy performed in the days and weeks just prior to standoff. Sadly, the news is anything but bright. Indeed, there is some evidence that the apprehension generated by the ongoing fiscal impasse may itself have put a damper on economic activity. For sure, the actual shutdown took a bite, albeit probably a small one, out of the fourth quarter's growth rate. The most significant news, of course, is contained in the all-important monthly employment report for September, unveiled two weeks after its scheduled release. In a nutshell, the job market performed under expectations during the month, but it wasn't a total disaster. The economy generated 148 thousand nonfarm jobs, about 30 thousand less than expected by the consensus on Wall Street. Revisions for the previous two months were mostly offsetting, so the September release left a heavy footprint on the average for the third quarter.
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