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Dear Members:
Corporate credit unions were created specifically to ensure member credit unions had the liquidity they needed, when they needed it. Liquidity is still our most important function, and Corporate One can provide liquidity through several methods. However, recent changes to how much liquidity you need and changes to some of your historical liquidity providers require you to take a closer look at your liquidity sources.   READ MORE +

Feature Article
Reminder: Corporate One to move data center during Columbus Day weekend
Systems to be down, deadline changes for some solutions

By: Kurt Lykins, VP, Chief Technology Officer

Kurt Lykins Earlier this year, I communicated to you about Corporate One’s intention to move its data center. While this project was targeted for earlier this year, it was put on hold so we could focus on our ACH conversion and the merger of Southeast Corporate FCU into Corporate One, among other things. However, now that these things are completed or nearing completion, we are ramping this project back-up again.   READ MORE +
Product News

Quarterly Economic Update now available
New podcast format popular among users, complete a quick survey to help us make it even better

Corporate One’s latest Quarterly Economic Update, hosted by Corporate One Chief Investment Officer Bob Post, is now available in on-demand webinar or podcast format, making it easy for you to tune-in whenever and from wherever is most convenient for you. Last quarter was the first time we made Bob's Quarterly Economic Update also available via podcast. Seeing how so many of you like the podcast format, we have created a seven question survey so we can better understand how to best offer podcasts to you in the future.  READ MORE +

Corporate One launches new Emergency Liquidity Web page, announces informational conference call on Federal Discount Window

To help our members gain a better understanding of the National Credit Union Administration’s (NCUA’s) proposed rule on credit union emergency liquidity, Corporate One has launched an Emergency Liquidity Web page that provides a one-stop resource for everything you need to know about the proposed rule and establishing emergency liquidity for your credit union.  READ MORE +

Changes to safekeeping free delivery

Corporate One is changing its process surrounding the free delivery of securities held in Alaska USA Trust (AUSA Trust) safekeeping accounts.  READ MORE +

Coming soon to a mailbox near you: Annual MemberView® audit
Audits to be sent out in October, due November 30

MemberView®, Corporate One’s Web-based account management system, is an integral component in conducting business with our member credit unions as it allows our members to access accounts and manage operations throughout the day.  READ MORE +

Final Reminder: Changes coming in November in how we deliver account statements and billing invoices
Deadline to make changes October 26

Corporate One is changing the distribution method of our account statements and billing invoices to a more consolidated and efficient process. Beginning November 1, 2012, members will have the option to receive both account statements and billing invoices by paper via U.S. mail OR electronic delivery via MemberView®. We will no longer provide the option of getting one document by mail and the other by electronic delivery.  READ MORE +

Industry News

Follow us on Twitter!

Corporate One recently launched a Twitter account and we invite you to follow us. You can find us by using our handle @CorporateOneFCU. Twitter “followers” of Corporate One will be able to view regular updates and information related to our solutions, upcoming events and important news. Of course, we’ll still be calling and writing to you, as well as posting information on our Web site. READ MORE +

Come talk with us at the fall OCUL Town Hall meetings

Mark your calendar to attend one of six Town Hall meetings this fall hosted by the Ohio Credit Union League. Corporate One leadership will again participate in the meeting series with Lee Butke and members of our senior management discussing our financial position, products and services, the CLF and funding and liquidity solutions.  Additionally, the Ohio Credit Union League will provide an open dialogue on key issues and trends impacting Ohio’s credit unions. READ MORE +

Quarterly Economic Update

as of 9/28/12

One-Month LIBOR
1Y Treasury Bills
Fed Target Rate


Fed Funds Plus Average


August Unaudited
Financial Statements

Corporate One Financial Statements

for the month of Oct. 2012
The timing may have caught some people by surprise, but most expected the Federal Reserve to jump in sooner or later to pump more life into the lackluster recovery. On September 13, the central bank decided that sooner was better than later, announcing that it is embarking on a third round of bond purchases, or quantitative easing, since 2008. The aim of QE3 is to drive down borrowing costs even further and keep them at rock-bottom levels with ongoing asset purchases until the job market shows substantial improvement. To the 12.5 million unemployed workers and the 20.5 million who can’t find full-time jobs, the only question is: what took so long?  + READ MORE
Upcoming Events
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  10/10/2012   8:30 AM ET
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