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Looking for liquidity? We have options
By: Perry Jones, VP, Portfolio Manager

Perry Jones One of the beauties of our cooperative system is the mechanism credit unions put together through their corporates to assure adequate liquidity – both for short-term needs, such as settlement, and for longer-term borrowing. In fact, providing easy, inexpensive funding was a major reason credit unions founded corporates more than three decades ago. Whether you need overnight funding to cover the day’s clearings or longer-term funding to support loan growth, Corporate One’s liquidity offerings are tailored to serve your needs. READ MORE +

Product News

Remittance transfer rules take effect Oct. 28
Corporate One’s on-demand webinar and international wire resource tools help OneWire users to be compliant with Reg. E

Taking effect October 28, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) new remittance transfer rule updates to Reg. E seek further consumer protections for those sending money electronically to foreign countries. Now available for our OneWire users is an on-demand webinar of the popular live series we offered members in August. READ MORE +

Make sense of current economic conditions and how future trends could impact your credit union’s bottom line
Quarterly economic update webinar and podcast now available

Understanding the ever–changing trends in our complex economy is vital to the effective management of your credit union. To help you gain a greater understanding of current market conditions, Corporate One invites you to tune in to our 3rd Quarter Economic Update, which is now available. READ MORE +

Reminder: Minor changes to share draft processing

Constructing our future Credit union CEOs utilizing Corporate One’s share draft services were mailed a letter last week informing them of some minor changes to our share draft processing services. The changes are a result of streamlining our share draft processing services so that all of our members are on the same processing platform. READ MORE +

Risk, regs, compliance and solutions
Join us at a city near you for complimentary seminars/workshops

Corporate One’s CUSO Accolade Asset/Liability Advisory Services, has been actively working over the past year to educate credit unions on new guidelines and requirements put forth by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) for developing enterprise-wide risk management and asset liability programs. Accolade’s Board Chairman/CEO, Joe Ghammashi, who is also Corporate One’s SVP/Chief Risk Officer, has conducted a handful of successful educational sessions in the Midwest on risk and balance sheet management. READ MORE +

Corporate One’s disaster recovery exercise update

On Friday August 2, 2013, Corporate One successfully completed our annual production system disaster recovery (DR) exercise of our Florida based systems. We conducted this test by failing over our primary data center to our backup facility.  READ MORE +

Cards Corner

New card fraud prevention technology is on the horizon

Amy Macmullen EMV, an acronym for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, is a smartcard payment system that is set to replace the almost 40 year old magnetic stripe card transaction processing method. EMV is a global standard for ensuring interoperation of integrated circuit cards or “chip cards” and compatible point of sale (POS) terminals and automated teller machines (ATM). The microprocessors embedded in EMV cards have proven to be an effective weapon in the fight against counterfeit card fraud in card-present scenarios. READ MORE +

Industry News

Corporate One’s Jacksonville, Fla. office relocating to a new site
Office is brand new with savings over current rental

We're Moving! Corporate One is pleased to announce we are relocating our Jacksonville office to a new and improved location: Lakeside One at the Flagler Center located at 12724 Gran Bay Parkways West, Suite 100 in Jacksonville.  READ MORE +

Free ACH Security Framework course for originators released by EPCOR

NACHA’s ACH Security Framework rule imposes greater expectations of data security on business ACH originators. So, how do you educate your business originators on their new requirements? READ MORE +

Columbus Day holiday cash ordering reminder

Due to both the Federal Reserve and Corporate One being closed in observance of Columbus Day on Monday, October 14, 2013, you may need to change your cash ordering. To review the standard holiday cash service change announcement, visit the Federal Reserve’s Web site. READ MORE +

Butke elected to Association of Corporate Credit Unions committee

Lee Butke, president/CEO of Corporate One FCU, was re-elected to the executive committee of the Association of Corporate Credit Unions (ACCU) at their annual membership meeting held earlier this month in Washington, DC. The meeting was the ACCU’s first to be held since the national financial crisis. READ MORE +

Don't Tax My Credit Union - National Online Rally Oct. 2

Don't Tax My Credit Union CUNA is organizing a national virtual rally for "Don't Tax My Credit Union" on Oct. 2. Credit union members and advocates from across the country are encouraged to light up social media in support of the "Don't Tax My Credit Union" campaign via Twitter and Facebook. READ MORE +


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for the month of Sept. 2013
With the summer doldrums coming to an end, let’s hope the autumn leaves fall on a brighter economic landscape. It’s not that the hot and hazy days of the just-concluded season were excruciatingly bad. They just failed to live up to the more optimistic expectations. The Federal Reserve, for one, expected the mid-point of 2013 to be some sort of a launching pad, propelling the economy into a higher gear following a four-year struggle out of the Great Recession. But instead of taking off and allowing policy makers to taper its bond-buying program, the growth engine sputtered in July and August. The monthly pace of job creation slowed, consumers cut back spending on most everything but autos and even the stalwart housing revival showed signs of fraying. In response, the Fed on September 18 announced that it would stay the course, keeping bond purchases at the prevailing $85 billion monthly pace until the economy shows more strength. To be sure, this is not the first time during the recovery that the optimists have been disappointed. In each of the past three years, economists and policy makers expected the growth engine to rev up only to see the ignition stalled by some external event – an oil-price spike, geopolitical turmoil, a sovereign debt crisis or a fiscal debacle in the U.S., among the more prominent growth obstacles. This time, however, the skies were relatively tranquil. Indeed, the main threat – an abrupt turn to fiscal austerity – had less of a negative impact on the economy than expected during the first half of the year. With the effects of the tax hikes and sequester set to fade, the stage was set for the economy’s growth engine to kick into higher gear over the second half of the year.
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