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Lee Butke Dear Members:

You spoke. We listened... and we have been hard at work strengthening your corporate in the ways that are most meaningful to you. Through our inaugural CEO Membership Survey sent out in late 2014 and early 2015, we began a new initiative to formally gather member feedback, with the goal of learning how Corporate One can provide the most value to our members. READ MORE +

Feature Article
Loan participations and our new funding (and investment) solution

Perry Jones
By: Perry Jones, VP, Portfolio Manager

Understanding one of our primary functions as your corporate is as a liquidity partner, Corporate One works diligently to offer our members a comprehensive suite of funding solutions. We are pleased that our newest solution, being offered through LoanStreet, allows for easy entry into the loan participation market, which can be an effective method for funding assets, as well as growing and diversifying your credit union’s loan portfolio. READ MORE +
Product News

Marijuana-related businesses and due diligence
With upcoming state ballot issues in 2015 and 2016, are you compliant?

By Jennifer Morrison, VP, Senior Risk Manager

Current marijuana laws, as well as upcoming marijuana ballot initiatives, have a critical impact on BSA/AML and compliance officers. READ MORE +

Member Connect Summits: Great training opportunities for CU execs and board members

We frequently hear about the need credit unions have for board training, which is why we’ve included specific education sessions to our fall Member Connect Summits in addition to the sessions we’re providing for credit union executives. READ MORE +

New date for Dynamic Business Solutions webinar: October 15

October 15 Join us on October 15 for a complimentary webinar featuring an overview of multiple funding and payment solutions that can be leveraged to serve your business members as well. READ MORE +

Complimentary webinar on October 28: EMV Update

October 28 Now that the EMV liability shift for counterfeit Point of Sale (POS) fraud is in place, what are the next steps for your credit union? READ MORE +

Raking in the savings with Alliance One: New seasonal marketing materials now available

September 29 Year-round themes and basic Alliance One branded print-ready promo kits have been made available for participants so they can easily get the word out to cardholders about Alliance One and its mobile app. READ MORE +

Cards Corner

The meteoric rise of digital engagement:
Part two

How digital engagement is transforming the financial services sector

By Keith Riddle, SVP, Chief Product Management Officer

As credit unions leverage the convergence of digital banking and payment functionality to increase and retain membership, the next phase of the digital journey must be taken into account: the onboarding experience. READ MORE +

For Small Credit Unions

Asset/liability modeling and interest rate risk requirements got you down?

Accolade By Aaron Rouse, VP, Chief Financial Officer

Tired of expensive models that give you reports, but not insight? Or do you dread each quarter when you have to update your in-house model? READ MORE +

Industry News

People Helping People: International Credit Union Day is October 15

Time for a trivia question. What does Benjamin Franklin’s birthday have to do with the original, annual celebration of credit unions? READ MORE +

Visit us in booth #56 at the Indiana Credit Union League Annual Convention

Corporate One is proud to once again be a sponsor for the Indiana League (ICUL) Annual Convention. READ MORE +

Corporate One gives back: Miracle Challenge 2015

Corporate One was excited and proud to participate in Miracle Challenge 2015, a 27-day wellness program that encouraged participants to achieve fitness goals while raising funds for our children's miracle network hospital. READ MORE +

Member Connect Summits

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Corporate One Financial Statements

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October 2015
The Federal Reserve’s decision against raising interest rates at its September 16-17 policy-setting meeting spurred a good deal of controversy and hand-wringing in the financial community. If nothing else, it prolongs the waiting game – and hence anxiety – over when the central bank will pull the rate trigger for the first time in more than nine years. Make no mistake. Interest rates will not stay at near zero forever; at some point, the time will be ripe for the Fed to make its first move. The question is, what conditions need to be in place for that to happen? No doubt, many feel that the conditions are already in place and that the Fed missed a golden opportunity to act. After all, the domestic economy seems to be performing quite well, thank you. Growth was upgraded in the spring, with revised figures showing GDP increasing by a solid 3.7 percent annual rate in the second quarter instead of a previously reported 2.3 percent. The labor market continues to crank out a respectable pace of jobs, driving the unemployment rate down to a seven-year low of 5.1 percent in August. Consumers have regained their spending mojo and the revival in the housing market is alive and well. In fact, at her postmeeting press conference Fed chairwoman Yellen admitted that a strong case could be made for a rate increase now. So what stopped her and her policy-making colleagues? + READ MORE
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